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Letter sent on May 18, 2017

Why Albanian Alps Should Be On Top Of Your Travel Bucket List

If you are, an adventure hiker or trekker and you love stunning scenery and exploring destinations under the radar, which offers plenty of room to satisfy your inner adventurist, trust us, a hiking and trekking Albania alps tour is the thing you need right now.

Now, your initial thoughts must be — where exactly is Albania and aren’t the Alps somewhere else? Well, Albania is a major country located in the peninsula of the Balkans, sandwiched between Greece and Montenegro.

When on a tour of the Balkans, many people visit Albania, as it is perfect for those who are planning to traverse the Adriatic coast of the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, one can easily make their way from Greece to Albania and then on to Montenegro and Croatia! Amusing isn’t it?

One can visit many different travel destinations in Albania including the captivating capital Tirana with its distinctive vibe and some startling spots on the Adriatic Coast, but the absolute highlight would be a hiking and trekking tour in the Albanian Alps.

Now, you must be contemplating as of why we are repeatedly emphasising on a hiking and trekking Albania Alps tours, however, mentioned below are some reasons as why you should definitely visit the Albanian Alps, when on a tour to the Balkans.

So, why exactly do you need to make the Albanian Alps your next travel destination? Read on-

- The beauty of the Albanian Alps is simply breathtaking, moreover, it does not matter which way you turn, and you are most likely to get yourself a postcard picture.

- If the enthralling beauty offered by the rugged mountains and pristine valleys was not enough to inspire you to travel to the Albanian Alps, we have lined yet another lucrative reason that will make you pack your bags immediately, and that is the — affordability.

Hiking in the Alps is very affordable. A 3 day hiking package including the the transportation, a local guide, pleasant twin sharing accommodation in the guest houses for 2 nights, in addition to meals would cost only US $340.

- Thirdly, you will come across very few, or no travellers at all. Even after so many articles and blogs dubbing Albania as the best travel destination when on a tour to the Balkans, the herd of the ramblers is yet to arrive.

- Although, you will witness some areas of Valbone and Thethi being concreted over, but you will not be fighting any crowds. You will still be able to get a glimpse of the local life as it truly is.

We hope were able to firmly place Albanian Alps in your travel destinations list. However, we would recommend you that instead of travelling independently, you enrol for a tour package to the Balkans, specifically to the Alps, in order to avoid any interruption.

Summary –

If you are searching for that perfect travel destination, away from the unruly crowd — the Albanian Alps is just the right destination for you!

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