The Right Time To Get Braces

Remember when it was uncool to have braces?

Today, that is a very different story. Parents are signing their kids up to have braces daily and it has become a very common dental procedure.

Why Your Kids Need Braces

Most of the time, braces is considered an elective procedure. Treatment is performed in this instance to help improve facial aesthetics, by resolving misaligned teeth.

However, in some instances your child may be experiencing breathing problems or even facial growth issues, and here braces can really help.

Moving teeth surprisingly also changes how the jaws and face develop.

When To Do It

There is much debate about when to start braces. In general, braces should be commenced when children undergo their growth spurt — for girls, this is usually around 12 years old, and boys at 14.

However, it’s always better to have an assessment early as each child is different.

There is more and more focus in early intervention and identifying at risk patients for developing misalignment and facial growth problems. So if you ever are starting to have concerns, just ask your dentist and have a consultation to have peace of mind.

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