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An Introduction To Organizational Development Tools

All organizations, whether small-sized businesses or MNCs, all employ the use of some kind of assessment tool/s to evaluate their workforce and develop essential qualities such as leadership to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization’s activities.

An organization is a complex organism that needs growth for survival. As the world evolves around it, the organization needs to move with it. However, with so many different components contributing to the functioning of the organization, it becomes necessary to have an organizational development assessment tool that sets up an evaluation, assessment, and feedback system to maintain an optimized workforce that consumes an optimal number of resources to still satisfy the growing demand of the times.

Organizational Development Tool: What Does it Do?

Organizational development is a system-wide application of the behavioral sciences to the development and planned reinforcement of organizational structures, strategies, and processes for enhancing the effectiveness of an organization. An organizational development assessment tool, on the other hand, is a type of diagnostic tool used by organizations that are designed to help civil society organizations (CSOs) to evaluate and promote a structured and integrated assessment of their organizations’ development. The tool revolves around a set number of multiple-choice questions, and the assessment is made depending on the answers. The assessment can either be taken by an individual or by a team.

A vital requisite for this tool to be effective is the full and honest participation of all the organization’s staff (including management, program, administrative, and financial) and a certain number of board members to represent the board’s stand. One such specialized function of this tool is in organization needs assessment by modifying the assessment criteria.

How To Use This Tool?

  • Individually answer the questions. This will help clarify your role in the organization’s working, identify areas and blockages and influence potential improvement.
  • Answer as a team or a department. This means your answers are either a majority opinion or the working opinion of the team or group at that moment.
  • Answer as an organization, which involves a collective sum of all the department and management authorities. Obviously, the assessment is more complex, but it applies for and is beneficial for the organization to move forward.

Individual Development Tools have their Own Set of Questions, but Generally, the Questions Center Around these Topics:


  • Vision and mission
  • Organization’s culture, image, reputation, and outlook
  • Ongoing projects


  • Monitoring and Evaluating
  • Organizational learning
  • Knowledge creation


  • Acknowledgment and awareness
  • Communication
  • Advocacy

Management and Governance:

  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Management of human resources


  • Efficient resource utilization, allocation, and mobilization
  • Finance and accounting management
  • Transparency in all relationships


  • Policies regarding inclusion and accommodation of diverse workforces
  • Gender lens and diversity in projects


  • Professional safety
  • Digital security

What Makes an Excellent Organizational Development Tool?

  • Focus on the people and their roles they take
  • Along with people, look at the fabric of the structure itself and the organization’s core working culture.
  • Identifies effective potential leadership for every level of the organization structure

This tool forms a very effective assessment of an organization’s needs and identifies the strengths, weaknesses and insufficiencies within the organization structure. This tool also helps to identify and train potential leadership within the organization or where it is lacking. This is such an important need for any organization. The F-SET Inventory from KW productions is one such premium tool that identifies and trains effective leadership. However, most importantly, assessing the organization’s working culture is an essential requirement of any assessment tool.

Dr. Karen Walker

Personnel Research Psychologist at Department of Justice

Founder of KW Productions




We offer a suite of behaviorally-based tools to assist in the valid and reliable assessment of your organizations success and effectiveness. If you long for tangible change with a fresh perspective either as a consultant, employer, or employee, we can help.

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Dr. Karen Walker

Dr. Karen Walker

Personnel Research Psychologist at Department of Justice

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