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Kwarabuild hosted the biggest Tech Conference in North-Central; with a low budget

There is energy in coming together. You achieve big dreams
kwarbuild tech conference 2018, over thousands were shown how they can dream and solve realistic economic challenges, by Mudashir Abdulmalik (CEO iTrain view slides here)
Operating in the digital world economy requires clear understanding of what consumer needs
Communication is key, making fast decision in difficult situation requires experience and ultimate certainty
#Kwarabuidconf: Mr Nasir Abdulquadri speaking on youth thinking differently to create a better future
Fireside chat with Chike Ukaegbu on Startup52 experience anchored by Adeola Grace Olaleye
#Kwarabuidconf: Dr. Yemisi Adeyeye speaking on the roles of women in tech
#Kwarabuidconf: Deji Akomolafe @dejify speaking on Virtualization and cloud computing
#Kwarabuidconf: 1st Panel Discussion anchored by Mohammed Yahyah
#Kwarabuidconf: Mr Bolaji Abdullateef speaking on Free startup idea
#Kwarabuidconf: 2nd Panel Discussion anchored by Codemonster_
#Kwarabuidconf: Aliu Musa speaking on Blockchain And Cryptocurrency
#Kwarabuidconf: Photo session with Probity boss, Olushola Oguniyi after his panel discussion on understanding customer needs and wants
Faderera and Jimmy on display (Official Host For Kwarabuild Tech Conference 2018)
#Kwarabuidconf: Family Photo after the event.




Developing the tech ecosystems in Kwara State

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