CI is the new UI

Hey Alice! How can I help you?

Hi, My laptop isn’t turning on :(

Oh! It is discharged probably, connect it to the AC charging adaptor and then try switching it on, tell me if it worked!

Yes, it did.

That’s great to hear, tell me if you need more help :)

Well, that sailed like a breeze! It saved Alice from the hassle of scanning over various FAQ documents on the web or waiting on a call to connect with a customer care executive.

Furthermore, as per this study and many others, people prefer human or human-like interactions in their day-to-day activities. Also, one research states that 63 percent of people would consider interacting with a chatbot.

It might seem ironic at first to be using bots for dispensing human-like qualities, but it isn’t! The prime purpose of any chatbot is to preserve human intent, decisive abilities, social interactions and eliminate limitations of human behaviour like fatigue, defined work hours, annoyance on repetitive queries, etc.

The digital world has been expanding ever since its evolution, companies going online with their own websites was a rage at some point of time, then came in mobile apps, which brought the convenience of shopping, booking, navigating and a lot more to our phone screens! And just when we thought we were saturated, came in Artificial Intelligence!

Prior to chatbots, all other digital paraphernalia made our tasks easier but WE had to do it, argh!

Chatbots cut in right there.

Can you book a cab to office? Check

Order a Pizza? Arriving in 30 minutes ;)

What do you mean by FYI? For Your Information :)

Apply my leave for tomorrow! Done :)

Sounds great? Well, it is :)

Talking more for the enterprises — More enterprises than ever are investing in bots to address the changing needs of their businesses.

Let’s have a look at the app usage trends — Messaging Versus Networking Apps

Source: The Messaging App Report, Business Insider

Messaging is keeping up a fabulous pace as we see.By 2020, more than 80 percent of businesses are expected to have a chatbot. A more sincere and suitable request would be the ability to utilise the messaging platforms to talk business, quite literally!

A big chunk of our time on phones is spent on messaging apps and emails, as we see here in this report -

Source: Flurry Analytics, 2015–2016 Year-Over-Year Time Spent Growth

It seems quite logical to allow the feasibility to access business-related tasks in places where you hang out. Also, you can use them to enhance engagement and productivity in your organization.

Chatbots are designed to grow and learn better with more and more interactions. They can help to cut down cumbersome form filling, logging into multiple portals, etc. which reduces cost and time overheads.

As more and more people use Chatbots as the only interface for availing services, how do bots fare in guiding the usage tracks? With no attractive tabs and widgets, how and why would the user navigate through the entire application?

Here in comes the role of ‘Call-to-Actions’! There is a reason we call them Conversational Interfaces — Conversation is the interface!

The entire idea is to make the bot not sound like a bot ;) Call to actions are designed to prompt an immediate response from the user in the form of some desirable action. In bots, it is mostly achieved by providing Quick Replies. For example -

Even as you take the survey, all your responses are recorded through Quick reply buttons! Saves you the pain of typing answers, hassle free!

Essentially, conversation is the only thing which would hook the users to your bot and it needs to be extremely engaging. Each sentence must steer the conversation ahead and bring the user closer to her/his goal.

Conversations can be both text and voice based; would deep dive into it in the upcoming blogs. Keep checking back here :)

So let your UX and creative content teams work in closer groups now!

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