Must know facts about Custom Bot Integrations in Workplace

The only assumption with this write-up is that you must have weighed your requirements and resources to zero down on creating a chatbot. Here is a quick check on that.

Now that you have decided and are all enthralled to get it going, it is the right time to pop-up the question!

Making it or Buying it?

Both have their own set of pros and cons. I would first like to define these terms.

Custom Integrations on Workplace are services that use the Graph API and the Account Management API to extend the functionality of Workplace. They help you integrate Workplace smoothly into your current workflow by using the Workplace APIs. More about Custom Bots here.

While with custom integrations, users can create bots within their Workplace community, Third Party Integrations can be installed on multiple Workplace communities. They are provided by authorised third-party vendors. More about Third Party Integrations here.

Some significant reasons to choose Custom bots over the third party installs are -

  • Superior Brand Recognition and Design Flexibility — You have the opportunity to create a true connection to your brand, materialise the design just as you deem fit and minimise compromises on the look and feel of your bot.
  • Own the permissions you provide — You can choose to provide your own permissions and gain better insights.
  • Backend tweaks are easy — You might need to do backend manipulations, which are quite easy to do with your own bot.

Before diving into making the chatbot, you must have knowledge about the functioning, access, and limits of Graph API, Webhooks and Account Management API. You can also check out some of the sample applications that show the platform features available to custom integrations in Workplace.

Not sure if you have the resources and time for creating a bot from the scratch, but you wish to have the custom touches in your chatbots? Well, no worries!

You can avail the services from the available bot development companies. Such integrations save you the time and exorbitant development cost while giving you the option of keeping the bot identity (logo, name, description, etc.) as you want it to be. Best of both the worlds ;)?

We at ‘Kwench Bots offer you an option for custom integrations with our bots on Workplace by Facebook . With this, you get an opportunity to avail the first-hand usage of the bot with beta or final releases as custom integrations, in general, have quicker workarounds than third-party installs.

If the prospects suit you enough, go ahead for your first Custom Bot integration in Workplace. Look out for my next blog to know about the key differences between bots in Integrations directory vs. Custom Integrations.