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Asian Pacific American Heritage Week (APAHW) 2016 — Clarity

Marketing Team


In its 24 year history, APAHW has both celebrated and supported the Asian-American identity at Penn. It holds a special place as one of very few school-recognized cultural celebrations in schools around America, and activism surrounding the week has lead to the creation of important Asian Pacific American (APA) spaces and community initiatives at Penn.

APAHW 2016’s Logo!


One realization that we came to was that most of Penn’s event marketing either used Penn’s dark blue and red or drew from darker and subdued color tones. Thus, one of our first decisions was to use vibrant, pastel-style colors.

APAHW 2016’s primary and secondary color palettes


Below are the cover photo and visual results of our work! Overall we brought out over 500 people to our events, which covered everything from education and activism to a community talent show featuring talented leaders from across the school.

Pre-semester flyer and board promo
Event where we introduced our theme and event schedule
Panel of student leaders focused around adjusted to college life
Our primary celebration, with a focus on diverse Asian media representation
Discussion and activities centered around mental health in our community
Panel with Philadelphia educational leaders about current issues
Dinner promoting the Asian American Studies program minor and classes
Speaker event featuring Helen Zia, one of the Asian American movement’s biggest figures
Performer event featuring Youtube cover artist Rajiv Dhall and actor Rajiv Surendra
Charity talent show featuring students from across the school



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