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Asian Pacific American Heritage Week (APAHW) 2017 — Resonance

Marketing Chair

APAHW 2017’s Logo!


In its 25 year history, APAHW has both celebrated and supported the Asian-American identity at Penn. It holds a special place as one of very few school-recognized cultural celebrations in schools around America, and activism surrounding the week has lead to the creation of important Asian Pacific American (APA) spaces and community initiatives at Penn.


Last year’s APAHW focused on a flat, minimal brand to match our theme of Clarity. This year, we wanted to stand out from other campus events with a modern, cutting-edge image. We took heavy inspiration from Museum-styled brutalism, heavily geometric art, macro textures, and minimalist psychadelic prints. We matched this with Resonance’s natural inclination towards sound, or noisy imagery. Waveforms and overlapping, multitudinous shapes came to the forefront of our style.

Some of our inspiration
APAHW 2017’s Colors!


Below are the cover photo and visual results of our work! Overall we brought out over 500 people to our events, which featured keynote speaker Anna Akana, panels on Art as Activism and Islamophobia, and celebrations of food and talent from across the school.

Flyer + Sticker for first-year orientation events
Promotional board photoshoots
The front of our rack card (flyer with schedule of events)
Banner design for the main college walk
One stop in a photo gallery celebrating 25 years
Panel of advice and peer mentoring for first-year students
Celebration of food and performance from groups across campus
Anna Akana as our keynote speaker!
Panel of Philadelphia artists who use their work to evoke their identity
Dinner and discussion with professors from the Asian American Studies program
Panel uncovering the causes and effects of Islamophobia and xenophobia
Our closing event! A charity talent show featuring students from around Penn



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