Ideal EyeCare Logo Redesign

Michael Kwok
Michael Kwok
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2 min readFeb 8, 2017


I revamped a medical practice logo for maximum digital impact with an eye-catching humanist sans and impactful, contrasting colors for both print and web.


Ideal EyeCare’s original logo featured a strong iconographic element and defined color scheme, but its bracing colors and standard serif font cheapened its first impression across mediums.

The original logo went for impact through electric colors despite it’s strong composition


Blue is the central component of the Ideal EyeCare brand, found across their website and print materials. Finding a classier, darker blue for the text was my first step, and darkening / changing the icon to go along with it. To keep the high level of contrast that the original icon had, I changed the color of “OPHTHALMOLOGY”. Also, by adding another color I allowed for the 60–30–10 color split used heavily in interior design. I tried a few different colors:


After settling on the light blue accent, I adjusted the main text to a slightly lighter blue, and removed some “grapiness” from the purple. I finalized the logo by thinning the icon to convey the elegance of the eye and brought over “EyeCare” to match the spacing of “Ideal” to the left.

The Final Product!