Bidding Farewell to KyberSwap

Felicia Phua
Jul 21 · 5 min read

From 21 July 2021, we will begin the process of terminating KyberSwap services on both the KyberSwap website and its mobile application (iOS & Android). To make sure you keep access to your funds, please backup any wallet created on KyberSwap and import it onto Krystal.

From 21 July 2021, we will begin the sunset of KyberSwap services. This process will lead to the eventual termination of KyberSwap services on both the KyberSwap website and its mobile application (iOS & Android).

KyberSwap was launched in 2018 to provide the most intuitive and practical decentralized token swap service, with the aim of adding value to everyday DeFi users. In the 3 years, KyberSwap has:

  • Attracted a monthly average of over 4,000 active users
  • Facilitated an average of over 24,000 transactions monthly, amounting to a monthly average of 352,000 ETH (~US$594,000,000)
  • Built a massive and loyal community: ~ 20,000 members on Twitter

Fast forward 3 years, the DeFi sphere has grown and evolved exponentially. Hence the team believed that it was time to build a new product that not only offers what KyberSwap does but also caters to the growing landscape of the DeFi world.

We have launched Krystal, a one-stop platform which provides you access to all your favorite DeFi services. At Krystal you can swap tokens just like with KyberSwap and also access other popular DeFi services. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Swap tokens — Krystal provides users with liquidity by integrating with multiple DEXes (Kyber Network, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, at time of writing). Krystal also supports all tokens that were available at KyberSwap and more.
  • Lend tokens to earn interest — Krystal integrates with lending services (Aave and Compound). Let your idle assets earn interest.
  • Manage your portfolio — Krystal allows you to create or import your existing wallets. With Krystal, you can easily track your assets across multiple platforms. Easily source for DeFi opportunities, rebalance your portfolio and in the near future, (currently in product development roadmap) manage your liquidity pools and yield farms.
  • Rewards Programme — Refer Krystal app to your friend with your unique referral code and earn rewards in BNB or ETH whenever your friend transacts on Krystal app.
  • Enjoy DeFi services from multiple blockchains — Krystal currently supports 2 blockchains — Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), making it easier for you to manage your portfolio on these chains. Future plans include Solana and Polygon.

With Krystal, users no longer have to navigate multiple platforms (each with its own UI) to access different DeFi services. With these DeFi protocols integrated on Krystal, we simplify the DeFi experience for users.

Timeline of sunset of KyberSwap services

From 21–30 July, please email for any questions or claims. KyberSwap will not be responsible for any issues from 31 July 2021 henceforth.

21 July 2021 — Begins sunset of KyberSwap services.

27 July 2021 — KyberSwap stops accepting limit orders

30 July 2021 — KyberSwap website will be closed. On the KyberSwap mobile app, users will only be able to backup their wallets. All other services will be terminated. API will be closed. All personal data of users will be deleted.

Backup your wallets on KyberSwap; Import your wallets onto Krystal

Process Overview

Step 2: Download Krystal Mobile App

Step 3: Import you wallets onto Krystal Mobile App

Step 1: Backup wallets on KyberSwap

  1. Go to the Setting tab and select Manage Wallet.
  2. Choose the wallet you want to back up → Select Edit
  3. In the Edit Wallet screen, press Show Backup Phrase

You have 3 backup options:

  • Keystore file
  • Private Key
  • Mnemonic seed phrase

You only need to use one option, but it is recommended to back up using all three. Save your backup safely and NEVER share it with anyone.

Note: If you did not import the Mnemonic seed phrase when importing a wallet, you can not export the Mnemonic seed phrase.

Step 2: Download and install the Krystal app

You can download it here: iOS | Android | APK file

Step 3: Import your wallet into Krystal

  1. When you open the app for the first time, choose Import Wallet
  2. Depending on which backup method you have used to backup your wallet on KyberSwap, use the corresponding method to import your wallet onto Krystal.
  • JSON Keystore File
  • Private Key
  • Seed Phrase

3. You will be able to view your wallet address and wallet balance on the homescreen. Make sure they are correct (click unhide balance to view).

4. You can also watch our video for a step-by-step guide on importing your wallet onto Krystal. (This is our old app interface, but the steps remain the same)

Navigate the DeFi space now with Krystal!

Krystal is available to use on:

For APK and other ways to download, please refer to the Krystal website.

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