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New to crypto trading? Don’t fret, KyberSwap is the right place to begin! is the fastest and easiest way to buy and sell tokens in a decentralized manner. Token exchange happens fully on-chain, which means KyberSwap never holds your funds, and trades are always transparent on the blockchain. You can trade with peace of mind as you’re always in control.

To own your first crypto, you need to first create your own wallet and address to store your crypto. KyberSwap is based on the Ethereum blockchain, so you need to create a new Ethereum wallet.

1. Create your new Ethereum Wallet

First install/use the Metamask browser extension, and create your wallet on Metamask by following their instructions below:

Alternatively, you can download our KyberSwap iOS or Android mobile app, and create a new wallet there in a few seconds!

Your Ethereum wallet will have a public address that looks like e.g. 0x54DEFF07401E922Ff57cCeC5693daC0aB5CCDDc2

Check your wallet address balance anytime on the Ethereum blockchain explorer

With your new wallet and address, you can now connect to to send, receive, and store Ethereum tokens!

2. Buy Ether with Fiat

Your new wallet is empty, so it’s time to buy some Ether! Ether, or commonly known as ETH, is the native digital currency of Ethereum. ETH is required for all kinds of activity on the blockchain network, as a transaction fee in ETH (gas) is paid to the network when you perform any action.

On , click ‘Buy ETH’ and a simple pop-up will appear.

With our Coindirect collaboration , you can easily purchase ETH using fiat (Visa/Mastercard credit or debit cards) through a very simple process. Currently, there’s a minimum purchase of 20 EUR*.

*Note: The fiat on-ramp is only available on the web platform (not mobile app) at the moment. Coindirect is a 3rd party service provider. Crypto is highly volatile. Information contained in this post is not intended as financial advice. Minimum purchase is subject to change. Please check on Coindirect for the latest list of eligible countries.

Alternatively, there are also in-person or peer-2-peer options such as LocalEthereum where you can find offers from other people.

3. Swap ETH for KNC or other ERC20 tokens!

Once you have bought ETH and receive it in your wallet, connect your wallet and use KyberSwap to easily trade more than 70 other tokens including stablecoins DAI, USDC, TUSD, USDT, digital gold DGX, as well as MKR, LINK, KNC, and WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin)!

Simple Swaps: On KyberSwap, you can make fast, simple, secure token swaps in a few clicks. Kyber never holds your funds, you’re always in control.

Limit Orders: KyberSwap allows you to set non-custodial limit orders. You don’t have to monitor volatile crypto markets 24x7 as you can place orders to buy/sell tokens at your desired rate — no time wasted depositing and withdrawing tokens to an exchange account!

Price Alerts: You can set Price Alerts to get notified whenever the token price hits your target alert level.

It’s as simple as that! Welcome to Ethereum! is glad to have helped you start your crypto journey.

Explore Ethereum

Now that you can buy ETH and swap it for tokens, start exploring Ethereum! Check out the various crypto wallets, blockchain games, DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) platforms, and DeFi (decentralized finance) applications out there.

…and many more!

Want a fast, simple, secure way to exchange tokens? Just KyberSwap.

Contact Shane on Telegram if you have questions.

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A simple way to exchange tokens. Over 70 tokens supported. No Deposits, No Order books, Competitive Spreads.


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No Order Books, No Deposits, Competitive Spreads



A simple way to exchange tokens. Over 70 tokens supported. No Deposits, No Order books, Competitive Spreads.

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