KyberSwap Android App is Available Now

Aug 19 · 2 min read

Just 4 months after launching an iOS app, KyberSwap is releasing our android app to meet the needs of even more mobile users. Now another 2.6 billion users around the world can use KyberSwap easily on their smartphone! The new android app shares the same features users have come to enjoy on iOS — you can swap erc20 tokens, create limit orders, transfer tokens, set price alerts, and create a watchlist of your favourite tokens. Fast, simple, secure!

Download the android app now by clicking this link.

With this release, KyberSwap will be available as website, mobile website, iOS app and android app.

Official video of KyberSwap android app

Motivation behind android app

  • Users feedback — We’ve received a lot of requests for android app.
  • User experience — to provide a seamless experience for our users when they ain’t in front of their desktop.
  • iOS app success — closed to 2.5k active installation of iOS app & instrumental in growing trading volume ($ 2.5M traded so far) at KyberSwap.
KyberSwap iOS app reviews

Powerful features — now on Android

The KyberSwap android app will offer all the features that are available on KyberSwap website and iOS app.

Users will have the option to swap over 70+ ERC20 tokens offered on KyberSwap in a fully decentralized manner. User can also add multiple wallets, tag them with different names and transfer tokens to and from these wallets to other wallets. KyberSwap’s limit order feature will also be available.

Additionally, the app will offer other important features such as real time price alerts, Kyber promo code redemption, token watchlist etc.

Contact Shane on Telegram if you have questions.

10 Users to win $25 each

To celebrate our Android app launch, KyberSwap will reward 10 users with 25 USD worth of KNC (Kyber Network Crystals)!


1) Download KyberSwap app

2) Review it on the app store (iOS or Android)

3) Follow us (Twitter), retweet & reply to this tweet (link) with your review screenshot

Campaign ends: 28 Aug, 11:59 PM SGT




A simple way to exchange tokens. Over 70 tokens supported. No Deposits, No Order books, Competitive Spreads.


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No Order Books, No Deposits, Competitive Spreads



A simple way to exchange tokens. Over 70 tokens supported. No Deposits, No Order books, Competitive Spreads.

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