Meet the new KyberSwap

Since launch, Kyber Network has sought to provide immediate value to the crypto space by developing KyberSwap — a token swap platform. KyberSwap has so far been nestled within the domain, which has helped bootstrap awareness and adoption of the service. Today, KyberSwap is one of the most popular Ethereum DApps to swap ERC20 tokens such as WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin), ETH, DAI, TUSD etc.

What’s new for KyberSwap

We will be launching KyberSwap as a standalone token swap service.

Within this context, KyberSwap will move out of the domain to its new home

KyberSwap has already moved to its own twitter account. This change will ensure that there is a clear distinction between KyberSwap (the token swap service) and Kyber Network (the protocol that powers the service). In addition, it will allow more room for KyberSwap as a product to innovate without any confusion related to the Kyber protocol.

Existing users will be able to continue utilizing KyberSwap services at the new URL without any action needed. The current URL ( will also be redirected to the new site.

More updates

  • Brand new interface: We are pleased to unveil a brand new user interface for KyberSwap. We have designed this new interface based on community feedback on how we can make it easier to swap tokens, to find exchange rates, and to use KyberSwap on mobile platforms.
  • View exchange rates for specific tokens easily: Now users can quickly see available exchange rates directly on the landing page without the need to connect the wallet. Previously the flow was, connect wallet (Metamask, Ledger, Trezor, JSON etc.) to KyberSwap, select token pair to view rates and then make a decision to swap.
  • Optimized for mobile: We’ve also conducted rounds of testing to ensure that KyberSwap not only looks great but is much easier to navigate on mobile browsers. Users are able to quickly discover various call-to-actions with our simple and intuitive design.

KyberSwap Mobile App

We are also thrilled to announce that we will be launching a KyberSwap mobile app!

KyberSwap iOS app

The mobile app will be released on iOS first. It will be a native app that offers all the typical KyberSwap functionalities. Thanks to the mobile app, users can now swap ERC20 tokens even more easily on the go! The KyberSwap app will also have a new Wallet Creation feature that gives users the flexibility to either import their existing wallet or create a new wallet directly within the app. More details will be revealed when the app is live.

We will continue to test and iterate to ensure that KyberSwap is always simple, fun and easy to use, and more importantly, meets the needs of the crypto community. This builds on top of our previous efforts to improve the UI/UX for users, for instance introducing the Promo Code option to provide an easy way to try KyberSwap for the first time.

This new UI is one of many improvements we will be rolling out over the coming months to make KyberSwap the number one choice for people around the world to swap tokens. We hope you enjoy the new KyberSwap!