How to create the KYC-Token

Step by step guide by Carlos and Alexander

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This is a general guide for the creation of KYCT and integration into MetaMask.


  1. MetaMask
  2. Chrome
  3. personal identification document

KYCT creation

Go to

Figure 1 — Generate Your KYCT

Make sure that you have selected a Rinkeby account for your KYCT and Connect with MetaMask.

Figure 2 — Connect with MetaMask
Figure 3 — Connect
Figure 4 — Sign the signature request

After completing these steps, refresh your tab and accept the terms to continue the process. Now click on Go To WEB-IDENT to start the civic identification process.

Figure 5 — Generate Your KYCT: Go to WEB-IDENT

Have your valid authentication document at hand, now click on OK, I’m ready! to start.

Figure 6 — Generate Your KYCT: Proof your civic identity

Follow the steps presented on the ID provider page.

Figure 7 — Generate Your KYCT: Web identification process started

Once the identification process is finished, you need to start the creation of KYCT.

Get KYCT will start an Ubirch anchoring process of the your personal data and will then create the corresponding token with the meta-data on the token. Note that no personal information is stored on the token itself. Depending on certain conditions of the blockchain, it might take some time to get your token minted.

Figure 8 — Generate Your KYCT: GET KYCT
Figure 9 — Generate Your KYCT: Wait while KYCT get’s minted
Figure 10 — Dashboard: View your KYCT

When this page is opened up, there is an Ubirch Micro Certificate Verification, which means that the corresponding UPP has been anchored.

Figure 11 — KYCT: ID data

Done, check out your KYCT on Etherscan!

Add KYCT to MetaMask

Activate Test Networks
1. Open MetaMask
2. Click on Accounts
3. Select setting and go to Advanced
4. Switch ON Show test networks

Figure 12 — MetaMask: Advanced settings
Figure 13 — MetaMask: Network selection

Make sure you selected the right account and Rinkeby Test Network.

Add KYCT to MetaMask

Contract address: 0xf305Dc29DDb214b95Aeb02834ee1EaC7Ce7905ad

Symbol: KYCT

Decimal: 0

Figure 14 — MetaMask: Import Tokens
  1. Open MetaMask
  2. Click on Import Token
  3. Enter the contract address, decimal and symbol
  4. Add custom token

Now the wallet will recognize your KYCT under the Assets tab.

Figure 15 — KYCT in MetaMask

Verify your Token

Once you have opened the Ethereum transaction link, you will be able to verify the URI inside KYCT.

  1. Jump to Etherscan
  2. Paste the transaction ID
Figure 16 — Etherscan: Transaction Details

3. Click to see More, located at the bottom of the page

4. Decode Input Data

Figure 17 — Etherscan: Transaction Details

5. Copy the URI

6. Go to JWT and paste the URI behind:

Figure 18 —

7. Copy the KYCT value from the payload section

8. Go to our verification page and paste the hash in the text area

9. Check your verification

Figure 19 — UBIRCH Verification


If you want to learn more about KYCT, check us out.

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