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KYCT prevents deepfakes

Bulletproof — Deepfake — Solution

Figure 1 — Screenshot from the deepfake video with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenski

What is KYCT?

KYCT is a non-tradable, non-exchangeable, non-transferable, soul-bound NFT (ERC-721) on the Ethereum blockchain. It is minted directly into the user’s wallet and can be used to combine a user’s civic identity with a web3 identity.

Figure 2 — look and feel of KYCT in Metamask

Creation of KYCT in a nutshell

Figure 3 — Generate your own KYCT on Rinkeby

Steps to create your own KYCT

  1. Wallet Connection
  2. ID verification
  3. Mint the KYC-Token (Rinkeby)
  4. Chain view
  5. Verification

Use KYCT in online meetings

Figure 4 — The creation of a meeting token inc. KYCT

There are a few simple steps to follow

  1. Create KYCT
  2. Connect to a meeting provider
  3. Sign a request
  4. Get access with the wallet that includes your KYCT
  5. Create a meeting token
  6. Wait until the meeting token is successfully minted (varies on gas and network)
  7. Use KYCT inc. the meeting token to prove your ID at the meeting provider
  8. Prevent deepfakes



KYCT is a Blockchain based identity solution for Web3 space

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