Music! Pounding Music!

Coldplay A Head Full of Dreams Tour 2016 | Los Angeles, CA | Rose Bowl

I am willing to admit my addiction to music and concerts. My parents often tell me that I need to attend Concert-oholics Anonymous! My absolute favorite band in the entire world is Coldplay! I attended their concert in 2008 on their Viva la Vida tour, and than again on their A Head Full of Dreams Tour 2016 in Los Angeles at the Rose Bowl, and then 11 days later in Salt Lake City. In the picture above, you will see many colored lights, these are called Xylobands that the band gives each person. They flash and change color to the beat of the songs!!!

Because of my love of music, I love to create artwork and posters for the bands and songs that I love, here are some samples.


I took their logo from A Head Full of Dreams album and placed logos from each of their other 6 albums and placed them inside the AHFOD logo.


This poster was for a contest I entered. The contest was to create a poster to promote their new song Wherever I Go. I added arrows on the letters to help the idea of going wherever and pointed them to city skylines.

Imagine Dragons

This was also a poster I created for a contest to promote their new album Smoke + Mirrors. I chose the song Polaroid because it is one of my favorite songs off of the album. I went along with the idea of a polaroid and created little thumbnails of lyrics from the song, and wrote the lyrics on the white space of the polaroid.


A few years ago I had the opportunity to meet Lifehouse and hear them in concert. They are in my top 5 favorite bands of all time. I love their songs and the stories they tell. This poster is highlighting lyrics from their song Hurricane.

Rascal Flatts

This was another contest I entered (I was in the final round, but sadly didn’t win). The contest was to design their guitars they would use on their Changed Tour. These are the 4 designs I came up with.

Coldplay T-shirts

Coldplay came out with a contest to design T-shirts that represented their new album to sell on their tour across the world. Here are some of my concept ideas that I was playing around with.

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