Obsessed Much?

Coldplay is my all time favorite band in the entire world! When the album Mylo Xyloto came out my love increased for this band and their creative abilities. I took this to the next level and painted my room. Above is the concept art that I created in Photoshop. And took it from screen to my wall!

I took my original design and blew it up on to poster boards to create stencils for the letters and for the song icons at the top of the wall. For the colored circles I hand painted using a brush and a string to keep the circles circular.

This is the running man I added to the side wall. This dude is a representation of the song Charlie Brown from the album Mylo Xyloto. When Coldplay was on their MX Tour, they had a video of a guy running that was full of color, this is kind of what it looked like in a painted version.

Ghost Stories

When Coldplay’s album Ghost Stories came out, it was very calm compared to the previous Mylo Xyloto. I decided to create a clock with the album’s logo painted on it, and on the wall paint the words Ghost Stories.

A Head Full of Dreams

When A Head Full of Dreams came out, I was running out of room on my walls for more paintings, so I painted the album logo above my bed.

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