Screens in, Paper Out

As technology continues to advance and more and more people buy tablets and mobile devices we see that paper is becoming the minority.

While some would argue that reading is not reading unless its on paper, others are embracing the screens.

There are so many more possibilities with ebooks and epublications. Not only can you read but you can watch videos, here audio, view images, view social media feed, etc.

In this article you will be able to see how I took a paper book and turned it into an interactive ebook.

I love the Chronicles of Narnia series written by C.S. Lewis. I decided to take the book The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe to use as an example of interactivity.

Because this story has so much symbolism and allegories for Christianity, I placed small red stars throughout the text when a symbol was mentioned. If the reader clicks on the star a little pop up window will appear with the meaning.

I also included map icons to help the reader know where in Narnia the characters are. Just tap on the icon to pop up a map with the location highlighted.


Another common piece of technology that readers are starting to enjoy more and more is audiobooks. We all hate sitting in rush hour, so why not listen to a book and fill your mind with adventure and wonder.

I love Disneyland, so I took a book that is about Disneyland and what happens when the park is closed and the lights are off.

In the book Disney After Dark, Finn is invited to be a DHI (Disney Host Interactive). This technology is a hologram that gives Disney Guests tours of the park. But when Finn is in the park after it is closed, he realizes Disney’s Villains (mainly Maleficent and Pirates) are trying to take over the park.

In order to give the cover art the same feel as the story, I created the children running away from the villains and gave them a light blue glow to give the “hologram effect”.

As part of this project, I took the main audiobook from CD’s, and ripped them onto my iTunes library. The metadata was awful! No information was provided, and each track was around 45 seconds. So I took these into Audiobook Builder and made each track an entire chapter, and cleaned up the metadata to be more attractive.


Coldplay is my all time favorite band in the history of my life (ever since the song Clocks was released). As a team of 3, we are building an interactive eBook in iBooks Author for fans to learn more about each band member and each album Coldplay has released. Here is a sneak peek at the chapter about Coldplay’s albums.

This is the chapter cover art for the albums. I took their latest album “A Head Full of Dreams” logo and placed each album logo inside of the AHFOD logo to tie them all together.

Each album will be spread across two pages. On the first page readers will be able to view a list of all the tracks and be able to listen to them. On the second page, readers will read the story behind the album as well as little know facts, and their will be either a music video, concert video, or image gallery featured above the text.

Above is the first Coldplay album “Parachutes”, and below is their 7th album called “A Head Full of Dreams”. Check back for updates!

Kyle Casey is a student in the Digital Media program at Utah Valley University, Orem Utah, studying Interaction & Design. The following article relates to (Enhanced ePub, Enhanced Audiobook, and Original eBook) in the (DGM 2260 Course) and representative of the skills learned.

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