Disneyland: Tips and Tricks

An interactive magazine to guide you through Disneyland!

Space Mountain Animation

I am a huge Disney fan, so I decided to take the Space Mountain warning video that you see while you are standing in line. The original video shows a cast member explaining that Space Mountain is “a high speed, turbulent, roller coaster type ride in the dark”.

I took the storyboard sketching approach to figure out how I was going to complete this project. The storyboards helped me see what each frame/scene was going to look like, and how it would interact with the previous and next scenes.

I knew the words would have to move fast because the narrator speaks fairly fast in the audio. My biggest challenge was getting the words to come and go in a speed that matched the audio and was still legible.

Disneyland Infographic

I then made an interactive Disneyland and California Adventure Map. I made this with the perspective of a new guest arriving at Disneyland. Each land shows which rides, fast pass rides, places to eat, and interesting facts about that part of the park.

I added the animations of each land popping to help the person navigating know that they can click on each land to reveal more information.

Play video to view a sample

Play video to view a sample

Wait Time App

For the last part of the Disneyland experience in Hype, I created a simple app for Wait Times. But it also includes Fast Pass times, Character Appearances, and Show Times. For the backgrounds, logo, and icons I created in Photoshop, and then all of the animations were created in Hype.

Tying It All Together

All three of my Hype projects were Disney related, so I created a mini publication to help all three individual projects come together. I liked the idea of an interactive magazine to sell to people who haven’t been or are thinking about going to Disneyland. A lot of people just go with out any outside tips and then they don’t take advantage of the many secrets Disneyland has.

I wanted this magazine to help first timers see the magic that happens at Disneyland and how to navigate the seas of people from all around the world.

Cover and Table of Contents
Article for the Interactive Maps
Article for the Wait Times App
Article for the Space Mountain Kinetic Typography

Kyle Casey is a student in the Digital Media program at Utah Valley University, Orem Utah, studying Interaction & Design. The following article relates to (Hype Final) in the (DGM 2280Course) and representative of the skills learned.

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