Why The Experience Matters

I love thinking about UI/UX designs and how a person will interact with the design and the symbols/icons used. One thing that we all use or have used (if you have ever been on an airplane) is an airline ticket. If you remember they are all printed black and white with and old type feel. To me it felt like the information was scattered and randomly placed on the ticket.

I decided to recreate an airline ticket and place the information based on the experience one goes through in the airport.

First | You are the first person to see the ticket and get information off of it, so your name is first combined with your departure and arrival times.

Second | The next place you visit is the counter to check a bag, the employee will need to see your name and flight info (same chunk of info as you need first).

Third | After visiting the counter, you will go through the security checkpoint. The TSA agent will need your name and flight info.

Fourth | After security you then need to know which gate and portal you are to depart from. This is the second block of information.

Fifth | Once you arrive at your gate, You need to know your zone number so you can board the plane. After walking onto the airplane, you then need to know where you sit, so your seat number is listed below the zone number. This is the third block of information.

I loved creating this boarding pass and going through the process of putting the information in the order a person boards a plane. This way everyone knows where they need to look based on what part of the process they are in when they are in the airport.

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