Dear CIA, This Blog is FOR SALE

This letter is in regards to a report from The Independent UK newspaper which recently came to light.

Apparently two pioneers of modern art — Jackson Pollack and Willem de Kooning — were backed by you, CIA.

CIA funded the painters in order to promote American culture internationally.

Presumably, CIA is still in the pop culture promotion business.

How else do you explain Quentin Tarantino, DJ Khaled, PewDiePie, and Johnny Manziel?

Of course, when I think of cultural figures who most embody American values internationally, one particular group comes to mind:

The Kardashians.

I can assure you that I have equal, if not superior, skills and qualifications to any member of that family.

As such, I am an excellent candidate for CIA promotion and funding!

Consider the following:

- I am an American, and I live in Europe. My very existence qualifies me.

- Some say the CIA promotes degenerate, modern art in order to subvert the ethics, culture, and moral order of Western Civilization.

Well, I recently wrote a two-part essay on polygamy! Right there with y’all.

- My wide-ranging skillset is perfect for the production of PsyOp propaganda.

I have worked professionally in: writing, image manipulation and design, marketing, programming and web development.

Considering these qualifications and my legions of existing blog readers, I believe myself to be an excellent candidate for CIA patronage.

As for salary, the market rate for CIA PsyOp cultural operative is suitable.

Whatever the Kardashians earn is fine by me.

However, I do request that payment be made in Bitcoin.

Presumably, Bitcoin is also a CIA operation designed to maintain the monetary and social status quo after the US Dollar collapses from debt and debasement.

Then, after the collapse of worldwide social order, it will be used to unify the nations of the earth under a single financial system and totalitarian world government, ruled over by CIA.

Why else would you, CIA, not yet have killed the currency by raiding its exchanges and shutting down its transaction authorization data transfers?

Considering the techno currency’s rising value, the CIA should have plenty available budget to fund my campaign.

Below you will find my BTC address for your convenience:


( QR BTC Code in the comments. )

Thank you for your interest and attention, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

References and work examples available upon request.

Best Regards,

Kyle Duck