A Shout Out to Sustainable Travellers

If you’re reading this, you probably are one. You are one of 105 million people who give a hoot about our planet. Maybe you just aspire to be more eco-conscious. That’s good too. We are here/grateful for you.

You probably do your best at home to recycle, reuse, and reduce your carbon footprint. You shop local, value small business and generally aspire to be a kind human.

You love being out in nature (as do we!) but when travelling to cities and in our own local communities, how can we ensure we’re staying true to our eco-conscious values and practices?

According to a recent 2016 study conducted by Sustainable Travel International and Mandala Research, “63 percent of all travelers say they are much more likely to consider destinations where there is a strong effort to conserve and protect natural resources. The number jumps to 75 percent among sustainable travelers.”

Additionally, “more than two-fifths of sustainable travelers say they have purchased from travel companies because they believe they offer fair wages to their employees and invest in employees.”

The Kynder travel platform is designed to provide you with a curated directory of ethical/eco-conscious hospitality establishments so that when you’re out and about, you can enjoy peace of mind with your choices. You can rest assured that Kynder establishments share the same sustainable mission as you. We seek to enrich your travel experience, to expand awareness, and to restore the deeper meaning of true hospitality in the travel industry.

As a sustainable traveller you probably know that what you do and what we do as a whole, collectively, ripples outward, impacting others and our planet. That’s why it’s our mission to support you in your efforts, to support our Kynder establishments, and to ultimately preserve this precious planet of ours.

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