Kyokan and FourthState Labs Join Forces To Create Unified Plasma MVP Contract

Kyokan and FourthState Labs will be joining forces to create the first audited and mainnet-ready smart contract for Minimum Viable Plasma implementations. By collaborating on a single smart contract, Kyokan and FourthState will be able to offer a standard interface and reference implementation for all Plasma MVP implementations going forward.

FourthState’s existing contract, located at, will form the basis of the collaboration. Kyokan will integrate the contract into its existing proof-of-authority child chain located at We are actively seeking out auditors for both the smart contract and the proof-of-authority child chain with a targeted delivery date of January 1st, 2019.

FourthState Labs is a research company spun out from Blockchain at Berkeley. FourthState has received grants from both the Ethereum Foundation and Ethereum Community Fund to research and implement Minimum Viable Plasma. See more at

Kyokan is a blockchain-native software consultancy. Kyokan has received two separate grants from the Ethereum Foundation to deliver a developer-friendly Minimum Viable Plasma implementation. For more information, please see