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Tales from Los Angeles

U.G.L.Y., L.A. Ain’t Got No Alibi

You ugly.

For the first nine years I lived in L.A. I was at war with a driving range. I have nothing against golf, mind you. Rather, I…

Sunny, Much to My Dismay

Living in L.A. has given me a weather obsession.

It’s raining outside my window right now. In fact, it has been raining steadily for at…

How Kenny Loggins Helped Me Stop Driving

I’m alright. Nobody worry ‘bout me.

In my mind, it was Kenny Loggins who finally convinced me to get rid of my car. But…

On Not Seeing Stars

And you are… ?

After ten years in L.A. you might say that I have learned to be a good Angeleno. I say “freeway” now instead of my Midwestern “highway…

Boardwalk Empire

Learning to love L.A. from the seat of a beach cruiser.

A decade ago I worked at a production company in Venice Beach, just a few blocks from the…

L.A. Stories
L.A. Stories

Tales from Los Angeles

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