People look for solutions, that is in the nature of things. L-Move is looking for problems!

Everybody is aware, and is somehow touched by the contemporary tech revolution. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning. On their own these technologies can revolutionize the world in an unparalleled manner. During our lifetime they will be working synergistically, and we are likely to witness the unimaginable 30 years from now.

As explained in a previous article, L-Move is a bridge between the intellectual potential of the best educated generation, who is at the same time critically underemployed, and bright business ideas. The crucial element is that L-Move links people to ideas in a stimulating entrepreneurial environment, with the whole process gravitating around the community and its ability to create and share ideas.

We have already launched Iperuranio Ideas, where it’s possible to post a business idea and look for partners, as well as join the platform and look for ideas to work on and implement in the real world. The magic doesn’t end here. Right now the L-Move team has indeed started working on the second side of it’s Iperuranio platform: problem solving for small and medium enterprises.

A company is going to be allowed to post a business problem, and the entire community, which is currently composed of more than 200 preselected professionals in constant growth, will have the chance to solve it and win the prize offered by the firm.

This is just the beginning. The new side of the platform isn’t going to be limited to simple problem solving, it is going to be a great asset for the outsourcing of R&D challenges. The reasons for it is that big corporations have the money to run an internal R&D department, SMEs can’t afford it. SMEs are in fact Italy’s core economic asset and there are more than 130.000 of them in the country. The added value of a preselected community, which comprises among many others, a great number of MBAs is immense for the internal processes of a small enterprise.

Stay tuned, and be the first to run challenges or solve the problems already posted. Work in a stimulating environment of peers, contribute to the economic development of the Bel Paese and obviously make money!

Robert Ballante 
Community Manager @ L-Move