A new chapter for La Belle Assiette!

Mathieu Roubaud
Sep 12, 2018 · 3 min read

With great achievements, come great changes! In 2012, La Belle Assiette was founded to organise and support the private chef market, allowing everyone to love entertaining in the best possible way. Meeting success in Europe along the path, co-founders Stephen and Giorgio, decided in 2016 to launch a spin-off, GoCater, to address catering for businesses. After the acquisition of GoCater by ezCater, Giorgio and Stephen are now working full time on this project, and were looking for someone to lead the company.

So here I am! I am Mathieu Roubaud, and I am the new CEO for La Belle Assiette!

Being a true epicurean, I have always been fascinated by the food & drink industry. Following constructive experiences in traditional catering, I decided to join La Belle Assiette in 2014 as a Business Developer for the French market. One of the best decision I took in my life. Working closely with such an enthusiastic and talented team is a never-ending excitement. By the end of 2016, I was offered to become Country Manager for France. In 4 years, I have closed important partnerships, generated additional revenues for the company and helped identifying the best formula to create a profitable private chef service. That experience helped me develop a great understanding of the market. I also built strong competencies in both our operations and our marketing strategy. And besides, some of you, chefs, clients, partners, probably know me already, as I am always keen to work alongside our operations team to make your events unforgettable!

— “Exciting challenges ahead!”

Getting the opportunity to now lead La Belle Assiette as its CEO is both a true honor and an exciting challenge for me. The company is currently in a strong position, relying on a healthy business model, 800+ super talented private chefs, a kickass team and a large community of loving clients! Giorgio and Stephen built a value-adding and long-lasting service where many others failed in this industry, I look forward to driving La Belle Assiette to its next level.

Our vision remains unchanged. On one hand, we want to provide a world class customer experience to anyone looking to hire a private chef for an event. On the other, we are looking to empower private chefs to make their business easier to handle and more profitable. It goes without saying, excellence is required on both sides to succeed. It is also time for me to bring guidance, leading the company to its future steps of growth. We aim at reinforcing our leadership position in Europe through the current investments in our main markets (France, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg). But that is not it! We believe we have the keys for strong international expansion, because we have found the correct model for the private chef market.

Everyone should love entertaining. Be sure the team and I will focus relentlessly to deliver on our belief.

— “Special thanks”

I’d like to thank both our chefs and clients for their trust which allowed us to build an amazing service in Europe. On a more personal matter, I address all my gratitude to Giorgio and Stephen for giving me the opportunity to lead the company they founded 6 years ago. I know how much they value it, and they both remain on the company’s board. I am also thinking about all my previous and actual talented co-workers who both shaped La Belle Assiette and my professional growth. You people made this possible.

Employees, chefs, clients, investors, please… know that I am committed to lead La Belle Assiette with all the passion and love I have for this adventure! I personally grew a lot alongside with the company and I am thrilled to be leading its growth from now on!



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