The Three Possible Reasons Why Melania Trump Announced Plans to Refresh the White House Rose Garden

The First Lady will oversee the restoration of the iconic garden made famous by the Kennedys.

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Melania Trump announced on Monday that it was necessary to revamp the Rose Garden as according to her:

“Planting a garden involves hard work and hope in the possibility of a bright future”.

More than 150 000 Americans have died with COVID-19, half of adult Americans are jobless, 28 millions are facing evictions and federal troops are in Portland.

According to Mrs Trump, refreshing the garden is the solution to bring hope to the country.

In this article, we will list the three possible reasons why the First Lady thinks a revamp of the garden at this particular time is necessary.

It is first important to review the history of this iconic garden before analysing the possible reasons for her decision.

In 1902, Edith Roosevelt first designated the West Garden as a Colonial Garden and planted formal flower beds.

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The Colonial Garden from Library of Congress

In 1917, Ellen Wilson named the area the Rose Garden because it was the unofficial symbol of the White House. The flower is carved in the building’s columns.

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In 1962, John Kennedy asked his wife Jackie to create a garden inspired by those they saw in Europe.

During his visit to France in 1961, Kennedy was impressed by the gardens and thought the White House should have an outstanding green space that match the stature of America’s First house.

Jackie Kennedy enlisted Rachel Mellon who decided to plant three Magnolia trees (there was already one planted by President Jackson in memory of his wife) to define the four corners of the garden.

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Picture by Bruce White from the White House Historical Association

The side of the garden were filled with crab-apple trees, roses and boxwoods that could be changed at the end of each season.

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The garden is now one of the most important place in the White House and is used for receptions, media events and ceremonies.

The question on everyone’s lips is why Melania Trump decided that 90 days before the election, a garden renovation was important?

One can only think of three explanations.

1. She wants to get back at her husband

Trump has recently clashed with the media in the Rose Garden. Infamous fights with various journalists have taken place in the normally pleasant and uplifting location.

The First Lady may want to annoy him by preventing her husband from degrading the garden.

She has been known from time to time to show a passive aggressive attitude towards him.

2. She wants to leave a legacy and be linked to Jackie Kennedy

It is common knowledge that Melania Trump wants to be seen as Jackie 2.0. Her outfit during the inauguration ceremony was inspired by the former First Lady.

During various official state visits, Mrs Trump has clearly tried to emulate the style icon to no avail.

Her decision to revamp the garden is just her latest attempt to be viewed on the same league as the beloved icon.

3. She is bored

Melania Trump has not been able to visit countries and attend state dinners since the virus has flared up.

Having to stay home without being able to show off her designer clothes must be heartbreaking for her.

Even though millions of Americans are suffering and fighting for equality, her decision to refresh the garden is a case of “ I really don’t care…Do you?”

Who can forget the jacket she wore while visiting children in jail at the Border!

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Final Thought

It is unfair to compare Marie-Antoinette to Melania Trump as the former was just naive and clueless. It is amazing that we are now defending the former Queen of France but one must not forget she publicly apologised.

Mrs Trump is grown up woman who knows exactly what is going on in the country but just chooses to ignore the issues.

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