Jessica Greenwalt named Spokeswoman for Global Oceanic Designs & its Corporate Machine- Kenneth W. Welch Jr, Announced

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6 min readOct 12, 2022


From Left to Right: Mr. Steve Keinath, Mr. Kenneth W. Welch Jr., Ms. Jessica Greenwalt, & Mr. Georg Engelmann

After the recent success of the Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure (ESI) Summit presented by Henosis Foundation, Mr. Kenneth W. Welch Jr., Board Member, successful and highly merited inventor with a career stretching back over the last 5 decades, announced that they have finalized a Social Media & Marketing Deal- A Structured Agreement for Global Promotion Struck between Global Oceanic Designs, Inc., SeaDog Systems, Inc. (SSI) and Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. (DIDI) With Prominent and Stylish Media Marketing Group Moxie Media Marketing, Inc. (MMM) Founded by Jessica Ann Greenwalt (Jessica G.).

Mr. Kenneth W. Welch Jr., explains how it all came about; “Our team was headquartered in the presidential suite at the Four Seasons Hotel Resort & Spa in downtown Houston for the Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure (ESI) Summit where we were being honored as featured Partners. We were in a beautifully decorated 3-bedroom suite with kitchen, dining and living room areas, an elegant arrangement to operate from, for the entire event, which took place from June 16th — 19th. We were all gathered, preparing for the evening event poolside, kicking off the beginning of the Summit.

There was a knock on the door, and in stepped Daniel de Castellane, of de Castellane Creative, Founder of the Henosis Foundation with two very lovely women.

Present were nearly all of the Board of Global Oceanic Designs, SSI, and DIDI. Board Members, Mr. Steven W. MacMillan Keinath, Georg Engelmann, and myself.

Jessica G. and her associate Ashlee M. were hired to participate in the event by the well-known Keri Ann Kimball assisting de Castellane Creative in providing support and organizing and coordinating throughout the event. An instant connection was struck between Mr. Welch and Jessica G. Unbeknownst to everyone, Mr. Welch had been looking for a strong, multi-talented Spokeswoman, to push his developed technologies to market.

He went on to say, “She fit the bill perfectly, she had just the right amount of feminine moxie, to excel and survive in the global battleground of the energy and water industries. She was beautiful, glamorous, refined, and outdoorsy, filled with wit and charm!” He continued, “It’s not easy these days to find a businesswoman, actress, model, speaker, presenter, and hardcore negotiator, available with all of the requirements to meet the criteria to become a world-class, international Spokeswoman. Let alone, one who is able to appeal to all ages!

Mr. Welch continued to say “After 5 years of searching, I was nearly ready to quit my search, and then there she was, walking right through my door. I couldn’t believe my own eyes!” It was a match made in heaven between Mr. Welch’s team and Jessica G. of Moxie Media Marketing.

So, who is Jessica G. of Moxie Media Marketing, the new Spokeswoman for Global, SSI and DIDI?

Jessica G, as she likes to be called, is a woman on a mission with an established career as a successful entrepreneur. She combines her talents of brand management and persuasive speaking, to be a beacon of light, creating momentum for world change. Her natural ability to raise the vibration of any room is felt through her illuminating sparkle, tenacity, and will to create hope for so many.

Miss Greenwalt has a strong business background, with the development as Founder/CEO of “Moxie Media Marketing, Inc.,” a company set to support and market programs, to heal the earth by awakening the courage in others through the use of events, public speaking, and media. Ms. Greenwalt’s new role also ties into her established philanthropist spirit, with her organization “Just in time to Save a Life” an Established 501c3, a suicide prevention foundation in honor of Justin, a loved one, set to help those in need with their lack of commitment to life.

Miss Greenwalt has studied and become a licensed Real Estate Agent since 2018 and is also the Founder and Owner of “The Hair Lab by Jessica G” founded in 2015. This stylish Hair Lab is where she hires, develops, manages, and trains stylists on her unique “Jessica G” hair method. Jessica G. excels in her vision and execution to create the “#1 Trend Setting Salon in Arkansas,” and intends to franchise her unique Hair Lab nationwide. Miss Greenwalt’s background began in 2005 and has grown and expanded ever since.

Miss Greenwalt has studied and trained under Jose Eber Stylist and Saints Studio Santa Monica, while being a freelance hair and makeup practitioner, creating her brand as an “it” girl. Miss Greenwalt also has worked on Stage and in film and T.V. and has a background in theater at the Art Center of the Ozarks.

Miss Greenwalt has strong trained education, KBB Knowledge Business Blueprint Real Estate License, and is a Licensed Cosmetologist, graduate of the David Roundtree Acting School, Ruskin School of Acting, Advanced Meisner Method, Merle Norman Cosmetic Training, Unleash the Power Within Tony Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza Advanced Course, along with being a Licensed EMT/Volunteer Firefighter. What a resume!

Mr. Kenneth W. Welch Jr. & Ms. Jessica Greenwalt

Miss Greenwalt prides herself on her public speaking skills, and divine intuition in presentation and collaboration aimed to direct and motivate others. This woman of moxie has all that it takes to be, and share the mission of SSI and DIDI to promote their products and services around the world, while ever-expanding her vision to help others less fortunate, or who are in need of guidance.

This shared connection that has brought Jessica G. and Mr. Welch Jr. into a mutually beneficial marketing partnership leading to her prestigious Spokeswoman position, is aimed at changing the world from bigger and bigger fire, to cool “water and waves” to produce energy & drinking water for all that need it, while quenching the thirst of the world’s energy & water demands!

This November will commence with an on-the-water and shore-side 4-day event aboard the “Dreamin On” Yacht with its owners, Captain and Crew, as it continues its world tour journey around our planet, sharing with everyone its knowledge of the great ocean’s habitat, and fishing conservation techniques, along with the concept of the deep blue sea preservation of the world’s waters! Building up to a big bang red carpet Gala and ribbon cutting aimed at the shared “Global Mission of Change” to be held at the Historic Galvez Hotel in Galveston, Texas; this 4-day event of land & sea concept will end with a Fall Gala and red-carpet debut, creating the perfect beginning for the 2023 year ahead.

This powerful partnership will explode onto the world stage of energy & water creation and preservation offered through the release of the dynamic and powerful, “Over-Unity Wave Driven Technologies” at the world’s foremost energy & water trade shows and conventions, along with a conversation to be held with the world’s leaders, supporting the United Nations’ initiative for a cleaner, and more sustainable world.

This private 4-day event is tailored to a select group of influential and powerful individuals who see an enormous future in “Wave Driven Fusion” as a real step in the right direction of change; a direction without destruction, producing real sustainability, for all things electric to flourish, while providing a real concept achievable for a future lacking water scarcity for all.