Marvin Peake — Harnessing the Power of Energy

“At the core of reality, there is a field of energy that gives rise to all forms of creation. Energy is everything — thoughts create, emotion amplifies, and action increases. Lack is but an unconscious absence of energy.” When Marvin Peake understood this philosophy, not even the depths of extreme poverty could stop him from achieving success.

The moment you experience Marvin, whether it be at a rousing self-help gathering or a personal interview, there is one thing that this man does not lack: energy.

With an infectious smile and an inspiring message, Marvin’s aura makes you feel ready to take on the world. A military veteran, former FBI, extremely well-respected personal development coach, founder of a series of established charitable organizations, and author of the highly anticipated book, Out of the Tunnel, Marvin has had a trail of triumphant ventures.

Marvin’s ascension technically wasn’t supposed to happen. The odds were in no way stacked in his favor.

Marvin says, “I remember former President Barack Obama saying poor boys like me, without a father at home, had one in two chances of ending up in the criminal justice system, with an even higher chance of falling victim to a violent crime.

Well, there were zero chances for me. I grew up without a mother or a father, nor even a home. How I avoided the criminal justice system or becoming a victim of a violent crime still shocks me to this day.”

There are many affluent personalities who claim a tough life prior to their inspiring successes. Some stories are true, others are exaggerated and many are lies to buttress an alluring backstory. Marvin’s backstory is all truth. This may come as a surprise. Learning the particulars of his humble beginnings will leave you in awe at the man he has become today.

How does a man wrestle with, let alone survive, the cascade of negativity from these impoverished environments? How did Marvin pull off a 180º transition into the opposite life situation, becoming an entrepreneur, financial advisor, philanthropist and eventually touring the world with Tony Robbins? The answer is simpler than you might think.


“One thing I would share with my younger self is that everything is energy.” Marvin says, elucidating the fact that energy is tangible and has the potential to be harnessed.“Before something is created in physical form, it starts as energy. Energy comes from imagination and consciousness. I feel the emotion that I want to attract, and that energy itself sends a signal out into the ether. It begins to form itself to become my reality.”

This may have hints of New Agey fluff, but anyone looking to better themselves would be wise to take advice from a man who witnessed the deepest of lows and still touched great success. We hear the popular phrases of “manifest what you want in life” and “laws of attraction,” but despite their common usage, the concepts remain truer than ever. Marvin understands these concepts with a depth and precision that can encourage and offer direction to anyone seeking a way forward.

Marvin has an astonishing knack for taking these fundamental ideas and breaking them down further into digestible steps of action, either through riveting stories from his own life or analogies.

Armed with these philosophies, Marvin was able to create comfortable wealth for himself. However, the journey didn’t end there.

Along with this deep understanding of energy and its subtle, yet great power, Marvin became acutely aware of the influence of karma.
He says, “Now I understand that all of us have a karmic bank. Some of us have surpluses and others have deficits. Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. If you want to receive all the time, at some point, you have to lose something. If you want to keep giving, you won’t have anything to give if you’re not open to receiving.”

These are more than just platitudes. Growing up, Marvin witnessed pastors leaving beautiful homes, driving to their churches in nice cars and exiting their vehicles in expensive clothes. The masses could hardly get by, while their leaders flaunted their exorbitant wealth. Marvin made a promise to himself at a young age — if he ever became a leader at that level, he would make sure the people he led experienced the same comforts.

To this day, that’s how Marvin operates his own business. “If I find out someone working with me is broke, drowning in debt or struggling to make ends meet, we will develop a plan together to get them above water.”

This idea is perfectly exemplified in one of the national nonprofits Marvin created for military families and veterans, with an emphasis on homeless veterans. He opened up a center for temporary housing. The center offered health, education & wellness, exercise and a self-improvement program. Once the residents started work, the center would take “rent” from them to get them adjusted to paying bills. To the surprise of the residents, at the end of the program, the money they believed was going to rent was returned to them.

“My goal was to give people what I would have wanted in my past. Not a handout, but an opportunity and access. I wanted them to understand resilience and determination.”

Having earned permanent housing and employment, the residents were ready for a second chance after the program.

A new lease on life can be a daunting prospect, but it seems that with the proper mindfulness of energy, there’s no limit to their success.

Marvin’s new book Out of the Tunnel releases later this year. Follow his journey and transformative message here Follow Marvin on social media @TheMarvinPeake.



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