Sustainable Energy Leaders, Announce, Exclusive “Deep Blue Sea Gala” A Texas Press Conference of Jessica Ann Greenwalt their newly appointed Spokeswoman along with her Company Moxie Media Marketing Inc. This November in Galveston, Texas

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4 min readNov 10, 2022


The powerful alliance of sustainable energy leaders Global Oceanic Designs, Inc., SeaDog Systems, Inc. (SSI) and Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. (DIDI) have recently announced their November 2022 Deep Blue Sea Gala in collaboration with Moxie Media Marketing, Inc. (MMM).

The elegant and exclusive 4-day event is tailored to a select group of influential individuals, with Nov 17–19th reserved for influential figures in Energy/Water along with City Officials, who will experience the beauty of land and sea, at the historic Galvez Hotel in Galveston Texas and tour the Island aboard the “Dreamin’ On’’ yacht, as it visits Galveston as part of its “World Tour Project”

The press guests and influencers attending will enjoy performances by World renowned talent, and have a chance to meet and speak with Jessica Ann Greenwalt, the “Corporate Machine’s” new Spokeswoman”, and listen to her dynamic presentation, on her plans, to reshape the year ahead, telling how she and her newly formed company MMM, will promote the “Corporate Machine’s” Wave Energy Technologies with the support and expertise of DIDI and its founder Georg Engelman as they both take the “Corporate Machine’s” products to market.

Highlighting further, her ambitious goals as a global ambassador aimed at “Changing the World, for our Children’s Children” through true innovation, sustainability, and charitable humanitarian generosity, in conjunction with the Henosis Foundation, A non-profit organization with a mission to improve lives, address global poverty, and create new hope and a better future for the most disadvantaged people, families and communities on our planet.

Left to Right — Steven W. Keinath, Kenneth W. Welch Jr., Jessica Ann Greenwalt, Georg Engelmann

The event will culminate in the exhilarating Deep Blue Sea Gala on November 20th, where guests will walk the red carpet, covered by various News Outlets, including the Getty Images, and mingle with well-known celebrities and influencers. The Gala will feature a ribbon cutting ceremony for the “Corporate Machine’s” new Spokeswoman Miss Greenwalt, along with an exciting philanthropic announcement, related to her “Just in time to Save a Lifefoundation”! Complete with musical performances from renowned Italian singer, and influencer, Benedetta Carettaaccompanied by Josh Vietti and Anthony Rejiv, fulfilling, a Star packed evening, for everyone’s entertainment.

The Gala, will be a Celebration of Bold Ideas, networking, supported by World-class Entertainment, while embarking on a magnificent new year ahead. Attendees can expect gourmet fare, an open bar, and well-appointed amenities at the Internationally Acclaimed Galvez Hotel Quality, with highly personalized service. The Gala is “Invite-Only”, and invitations will soon be shared with a select group of influencers.

Who are the organizers?

Moxie Media Marketing is a prominent and stylish media marketing group, Founded by CEO Jessica G. (Jessica Ann Greenwalt). Jessica G. is a successful entrepreneur who combines her talents of brand management and persuasive speaking to be a beacon of light, creating momentum for world change. Her company’s mission is to support and market programs and companies to heal the earth by awakening the courage in others through the use of events, public speaking, and media.

Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. (DIDI), based in Texas is a groundbreaking force in alternative energy, led by Georg Engelmann, President, and CEO, and Kenneth W. Welch Jr., Founder of SeaDog Systems, Inc., and breakthrough inventor of key hydropower systems and Global Oceanic and SeaDog Systems energy technology suite, which provides a truly clean, recyclable, cold, grid-scale wave energy-driven hydropower system that works on the same order of economic and fiscal efficiency as hydroelectric dams. DIDI provides world-class hydropower energy systems and is in the process of taking its infrastructure and energy technologies to commercial scale.

Just In time to Save a Life is an established 501c3 suicide prevention foundation whose mission is to spread kindness and prevent suicide, and to help others improve their quality of life by teaching alternative methods of dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. The organization was founded by Jessica Ann Greenwalt in honor of Justin, a loved one who was tragically lost to suicide. Through working with individuals, the community, other foundations and nonprofits, and public healthcare officials, “Just In Time to Save a Life Foundation” targets the needed resources, to help the World, to adequately handle mental illness.

Left to Right — Josh Vietti, Benedetta Caretta, Anthony Rejiv