Business of Fashion launches #TiedTogether as Political Unrest Sweeps the Globe

A global feeling of uncertainty has arisen as Donald Trump begins his residence at the White House, and growing numbers of protestors around the world have voiced they’re opinions on potential division and conflict. Now, the fashion community speaks out.

“Amidst growing uncertainty and a dangerous narrative peddling division, BoF invited you, the global fashion community, to join the #TiedTogether movement and make a clear statement in support of solidarity, human unity and inclusiveness” (Business of Fashion). The fashion intelligence platform has proposed that members of the industry come together and wear white bandana’s — in any which way — to take a stand against anything contrary to solidarity and community.

Political unrest has uncovered a globally sweeping sense of sorority. Taking the Women’s March by example, over 5 million people worldwide put on a united front to speak out against Trump’s beliefs. The fashion world, however, had remained particularly quiet — until now. The immigration ban and the new President have been the topic of conversation flooding fashion week shows.

Tommy Hilfiger adopted the BoF #TiedTogether initiative, sending models down the runway with the white bandana’s. Calvin Klein followed suit, sending out the bandana’s to attendee’s pre-show.

Alongside the #TiedTogether movement, other brand’s made political statements through slogan tees and underwear, show soundtracks and pinned badges. For many designers, the current political environment acted as influence for their collections. Campaigns included, Diesel recently launched their ‘Make Love Not Walls’ adverts.

As fashion week moves from city to city, we are likely to see even more people use fashion to make their statement about politics.

*Written by Jasmine Thomas