Shining Millennials

#RealisRare by Mother New York for DPA

The new “real is rare” ad campaign by creative agency Mother New York encourages millennials to make a ‘real’ commitment to the Diamond industry.

The Diamond Producers Association’s first campaign in 5 years is helmed by creative agency Mother New York, producing two millennial-targeted videos exploring non-traditional relationships. The ad campaign serves as a pro-active measure against the decline of diamond retail sales in the United States. The ad breaks away from old ideals, reflecting the lifestyles millennials are living and the lack of perfection they see.

#RealisRare: Runaways by Mother New York for DPA

This new approach stems from the lack of attachment between millennial consumers and diamond jewelry. “They [millennials] were rather familiar with the type of diamonds on offer. What they didn’t understand is the role of a diamond. We want to build an emotional connection that is meaningful to them.” Thomas Henry, senior strategist of Mother New York, told Adweek.

*Written By Arslaan Ahmed