Accidental sculpture

When you walk the Camino, you are (thankfully!) often in the woods, and you often come across stacks of cut wood by the roadside. I often wondered what they were destined for, and today I was able to set my curiosity to rest. At 06:30 in the morning, coming down the hillside in the bright dawn light, I came across one of those enormous trucks that you meet from time to time. It was completely blocking the road, the driver perched on high on his crane, loading grabful after grabful of logs.

The Camino being the Camino, I stopped to pass the time of day. There’s something about a pilgrim that opens conversations, it’s one of the greatest pleasures of the road. And for someone to stop his job for a moment, with a broad smile, to explain his trade, is in some sense a blow against productivity and wage-slavery.

I started looking at logs differently, as if they were sculptures… accidental sculptures.