I was so disappointed with a cold call email

I decided to rewrite it and send it back.

A few minutes ago I booted up my laptop, logged into my corporate email and found a cold-call email from Ignacio of BairesDev offering outsourced development support.

Not something I need.

The author tried to appeal to my startup roots and used the LinkedIn group Angel.co as a common interest between us. The email was titled Startup Inquiry

I began to pen a polite response to say that, as a FTSE 100, we do not outsource our development efforts but the more I looked at the email copy the more agitated I become.

It was poor. Really poor.

Granted I have been out of the startup game for over a year and not generating business for two…but still, it bothered me.

So I rewrote it and sent it back to Ignacio.

Here is the original copy

I was drawn to several sentences;

We haven’t met but I’m taking the liberty to write you

How gracious of you!

… company helping many startups in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Los Angeles and other regions across the US.

What other regions? Sounds supiciously like no other regions of note.

In case you’re looking for some help we should be able to assist you.

Should? I thought you could. If I need a developer to invent a new in-memory databse in 24 hours your response should be “Let’s get a call together and discuss it.”

… using a blended model with resources in Argentina (EST+1) and Philippines.

Why the random timing insertion? Why would you try and sell a San Fransisco startup, with the best engineers in the world, on a solution built in the Philippines? Did I even mention cost-considerations yet?

Assuming you haven’t heard of us (most likely)

Way to inspire confidence Ignacio. This is the equivalent of email bad posture and slumped shoulders. Looks defeatist.

if you’re not responsible for any resources / IT associated actions, I would appreciate if you could forward the email to the relevant parties.

Oh you would would you? Have you said anything that makes me feel inspired to vouch for you?

Here is my rewritten copy which I jotted down in 5 mins and fired back.

Hi Steven,
My name is Ignacio and I am the CEO of BairesDev. I am not a fan of cold-call emails but I saw you were active in Angel.co and help build startups and I wanted to share what BairesDev do.
We support innovation in the biggest technology hubs — San Fransisco, New York, Boston and now we are looking to expand into Europe. We primarily help new startups with their development efforts but we also have a roster of enterprise clients including Google, NetGear and Panasonic.
Our mission is to provide cost-effective development solutions to companies so they can get to market quicker and iterate faster. Sometimes the development effort just needs a turbo-boost to get it into the hands of the customer and that is what we help with.
What problems are you currently facing?
Our engineers have a fantastic pedigree; all of their CV’s are online for you to browse at [insert URL].
Can we set up a call to talk about some opportunities? I am available over Skype or telephone.
PS: I know that not everyone has the mandate to decide on external resourcing but would you be willing to suggest us to your resourcing department?

If you are going to cold-call someone then at least offer some value to them for the 2 minutes it took to read your email.

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Steven Feeney is an Agile Coach and loves reading, golf and talking startups. He is the founder of Sure Summit Consulting and Slicing Pineapples Creative Agency.

He blogs at stevenfeeney.com and medium; He can be reached via @steven_feeney so don’t be a stranger.

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