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The Future of Work Is Personal, Flexible, and Remote

Employees deserve the choice and employers stand to gain. It’s time to embrace the next normal and reinvent office culture.

Image by Roadlight from Pixabay

2020 thrust our entire world into flux, including traditional office cultural norms that demand workers report to a specific office in a specific location from 9–5 (often longer) every Monday through Friday, no matter how detrimental to a person’s…




La Vita Libera [live free]. Embrace the freedom to live and work where you choose and empower the communities you love. The future of work will transform society — for the better and move us towards a more connected, sustainable, global community. This is our moment.

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Maria Leonardi

Maria Leonardi

Remote work champion | Questioning, exploring, and imagining to inspire society to dream big and challenge the status quo 👇

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