How to replace old habits with new ones? Recommend an app..🤘🏻

There was a times that I was struggling to have a productive day. I couldn’t finish the book i wanted to read.i just gave various excuses to many things in my life.

I planned. to do it , then something goes wrong.easily distracted 😂🙈 and ended up surfing 👩🏻‍💻 on internet ,chatting with friend for hours🤦🏻‍♀️ or sleeping 😴.There are books 📚 , tasks. that waiting to be done.✅

If you are tired watching all productivity videos at youtube , looking lots of photos at social media, and then just being lazy to try it 😂😂..I feel you😊. Because I faced with this situations before.or you tried those advices still something missing. For me sharing my day is helps me to continue my journey. What works for you , maybe you can start finding it . If this not works for you, don’t be sad.🙃,You can download the simple app , or write and check your tasks at your notebook 📓.or you can just write the tasks at calendar. Calendar is also updated.😜😘


My secret for organizing my life is this app called “ thirty”.3️⃣0️⃣.You can find it in play store. what I like about this app. There are so many kind people , you can see their profiles, write comment and share your day with them. There are so many challenges that i am sure you will want to try . In 30days. no sugar challenge, or the ab challenge , being kind to others etc.. do whatever you decide to do.🤗😍🤘🏻

Using the simple productivity app didn’t worked for me.But sharing my day with other friends inspired me to continue.I inspire others and they also inspired me.

I read 2 books in a months. My favorite. “Awareness “by Osho And “Why not me “ by Mark Meincke. Currently i am reading “Crime and punishment “ by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

What Is the difference this app from others? It is built and designed beautifully,and added so many functions.

I easily observed the days that I skipped the workout, reading , drinking water ,writing my to do list and the things that I want to have done in 30 days.

Before this I was exercising and lost my motivation to continue my journey. Okay ,i am tired ,my day was terrible etc.

.. Don’t let the this types of excuses break your dream. Even a small workout add some activity in your day. 😘❤

A little progress each day adds up to BIG results.😉😛

If your goal is looking impossible ,break it into small daily goals. It also gives you small victories and you will be able to reward yourself.If others able to achieve their dream life ,why not you😜😉..?of course, you can do it. Just dare to get out of your comfort zone.✌🏻

If you are trying to lose weight, you can make it looking easy and reachable.

Thank you ❤😘for spending your precious time reading my advises.I hope you will reach your goals ,and created the life you want .

Good bye 👋🏻 have a beautiful day.🌹