Wing Gallery


The straight wildtype


arches like a seamless sail

lined like veins on a leaflet

and dotted with ordered cells

folded or apically constricted

perfectly well

by shroom protein into a classic wing

without alteration, or modification

allowing swift flight and graceful glides

about the glass vile

but neglected by the scientist

engrossed by mutation


The crinkly experimental


curls up along the edges

like the

browned, folded chip fried to

a burnt crisp at the bottom of the bag

branded with a significantly larger

evolutionary disadvantage

than the straight wing variety

concocted by a factory lab

corrupted by cell machinery on overdrive

folding wing cell sheets

into crimped, crumpled



The virginal female


Ridged with cerulean blue

Much like the rippled edges of a water

droplet breached by pigmented brush

which strokes gently

Preserving the vulnerable rhythmic inflations

Of the pale white female abdomen

Wielded by an observer of lines, curves,

coloring of a wildtype wing which will

Inevitably mature to grayness

And fall under the forceps

Or funnel into the

fly morgue