5 Ways to use Social Media to Promote your Music

So you want to be famous huh? Want to be a rockstar? You got the talent, the look, the originality, what else could you need? A Social Media impression, THAT is what you need nowadays to make it big. This isn’t always that easy so I’ve complied a few tips that I’ve seen over the years to get any aspiring rockstar started off in the vast universe of Social Media.
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1. Establish yourself on every type of Social Media

Sign up for everything. Literally, everything, strictly for your professional music. Get a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Snapchat, all of it. Being present on all these sites is key to entering the modern music industry. From here, you have to make your profile stand out from every other struggling musicians’. Be funny and personal, adding your unique personality to a profile makes you stand out and potential fans will identify with your humor and style. Make your profile neat but artistic, entertaining but professional. Having your name out in all these Social Media sites is first and foremost in your quest to stardom.

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2. Follow and Friend Future Fans

Add people you know, and add people those people know, and people they know, and… you get the point. Tell your friends to tell their friends to look you up and get people to share your page and your music. The more people you reach out to, the more people will reach out and look for you.

3. Post New Music Frequently

Social Media is all about adding new information about your life to the public, and as a musician, music is your life and that is what you should be adding to your profile. It’s important to have a good profile and cool pictures on your site, but not as important as having your music being the focal point. Videos, mp3 recordings, links to iTunes and other sites that contain your music should be the meat of your Social Media site. This allows people to share your music with others and shows your dedication and passion to the world of music.

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4. Interact with your Followers and Friends

There’s nothing more exciting to a fan than getting to meet the man or woman behind the music they love so much. Social Media is a great way for fans to virtually meet their favorite artists, so utilize this. If you recieve a compliment in comment form, comment back showing your appreciation. Just being on Social Media and posting your work isn’t enough anymore, you have to be personable to your online audience. Be a fan to your fans and give them what they want.

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5. Let the Social Media World know your Next Move

In other words, tell your friend and followers what’s in the future for you and your music career. If you have an upcoming show, post about it. If you’re working on a new song, post about it. If you’re working on a new album cover, post about it. This lets your followers anticipate your next career move and gives them a heads up on what to expect. People love to be in the know, and Social Media is the perfect outlet to give your fans the scoop on where you’re headed so they’ll always be there to follow.