Clues You’ve Been Hacked
  1. The mission of a hacker is to harm your computer, or to gain as much information as they possible can.

2. Some major tactics that hackers implement include; baiting, click-jacking, cross-site scripting (XSS), doxing, elicitation, pharming, phising, phreaking, scams, and spoofing.

3. Ways to tell that you have been hacked on Facebook include; noticing that random messages have been sent to your friends list, these can include things like “Hey check out this quick way I made $20,000 in one week,” or even “I lost 20 pounds following this diet.”

4. Ways to tell if you were hacked on Twitter are similar to Facebook. Messages that you did not send, vulgar posts or other posts that you did not post.

5. Steps to prevent being hacked include;

Do research on those Facebook quizzes.

Do not give out private information to people that you nothing about.

Educate your kids.

6. Important info not to include in any account include;

Your home address

Personal email

Phone number

Date of birth

Vacation plans or current location

Credit Card info!.jpg

7. A few things that can be done after you have been hacked is to;

Change your password

Delete your current account and create a new one.

Change email.

Some examples of people that have been hacked include;

Being told that they are eligible for refund checks from the government.

Having someone you don’t know tell you won millions of dollars and all you have to do is send them personal information.