Four ways you can use the internet to help others

Most people use the internet, apps and social media daily. Hours of the week are spent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more. These hours are full of passive, distracted scrolling, “liking” that one girl from school who you haven’t seen in five years new profile picture, or online shopping.

Instead of using all of that time online or in social media, you can use that time to do good and make some change. Here are four ways you can use the internet or social media to help others and support cause you believe in.

1. Play “Free Rice” instead of other internet games is a website where users play educational games involving various subjects and fight against world hunger at the same time. For every question answered correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Progamme to combat world hunger.

Not only does work to battle hunger, but they also work to give free educational opportunities. By providing rice and free education, betters the lives of those living in hunger.

As of 2015, has donated over 98 billion grains of rice to those in need. With a spare minute or two, you can help feed people living in poverty and hunger.

2. Use the “Buycott” app while shopping to fund causes you support

The “Buycott” app helps consumers fund causes they support and boycott causes they don’t. With Buycott, shoppers join campaigns and the app helps them support causes they care about.

For example, if you are against animal testing and want to oppose companies that test on animals, you simply join the “end animal testing” campaign. Once you are out shopping, scan the product you are considering and Buycott will tell you if they test on animals.

There are thousands of campaigns help consumers avoid non-GMO foods, cruelty free meat, child labor and more. There are also campaigns to help support women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, the environment, and the list goes on.

This app makes it possible for consumers to spend their money on items they support.

3. “UNICEF Tap Project” donates water if you stay off your phone

UNICEF’s Tap Project asks for phone users to stay off their phones for 15 minutes and they will donate a day of water to a child in need. Not only does this service donate water to children in need, but it keeps social media and internet users off of their phones and focused on the world around them.

To participate in this campaign, go to on your mobile device and click “begin”. See how long you can go without your phone. Make it 15 minutes and give a child in need water for the day.

This can be done while at work, in good company with friends or while focusing on school work. This campaign gives to those in need and keeps you from the distraction of your phone.

4. Workout AND donate to charity with “Charity Miles”

Need motivation to work out? With the “Charity Miles” app, you can run, bike or walk while donating to a charity of your choice. Twenty-five cents for every mile you walk and run or 10 cents for every mile you bike.

Charities participating with this app include Feeding America, Stand Up To Cancer, Autism Speaks, The Nature Conservancy and more. Get a great workout and help others while you are at it.

Social media and the internet are not always a waste of time. With the right tools, you can make a difference with the internet. What are you waiting for? Get started.