Q&A: NFL Cheerleader Playing Fantasy Football.

Jessica Flores, a Denver Broncos cheerleader, unveils her passion for the NFL and love for fantasy football. Growing up, Jessica had always been very athletic having a strong passion for dance and football. She watched football constantly with her dad and was introduced to the world of fantasy football at a young age. Watching her dad and his friends play, she became intrigued and wanted to learn more. During the NFL season she continued to dance but in her free time she continued to watch football expanding her knowledge on the game. In 2001, her family moved to Estes Park, Colorado and Jessica’s passion for dance became heightened into an obsession.

“I was on both the cheer-leading and poms team in high school and I found that my passion for dance and choreography had escalated. I began competing more than ever and I never wanted that feeling to go away,” Flores exclaimed.

She was accepted into Colorado State University where she majored in English. Even though she continued to focus on dance, she always made time to spend time with her family and play in her dads annual fantasy football league. During her senior year of college, she tried out for a position on the cheer-leading team.

“It was a dream of mine to continue my love for dance on a professional level and it was even more exciting that I was cheering for a team that revolves around fantasy football,” Flores expressed.

Here is what she had to say about her career with the Broncos and how it changed her perspective of fantasy football:

BS: How has being a part of the Broncos for the past five years changed how you play fantasy football?

Flores: It has changed in the sense that I know a lot of the players personally. Once you are around them for a long period of time you get to know them, and even if they are a good player, it changes how you see them in some aspects.

BS: So for instance if you were to pick a major quarterback on your fantasy team but you personally knew them, does that sway your decision?

Flores: Fantasy football is all about who can out-score their opponent at the end of the week so even if I did know a player personally, if they were a high-scoring player, I would still choose them.

BS: Have you ever told a player they were on your fantasy team?

Flores: Yeah, there have been times where we are out and I will admit to have drafted a specific player and it turns into this joking argument between the players and I. They always heckle me as to why I only picked that specific player but I think sometimes it actually offends them.

BS: Have you learned any tips or tricks from anyone in the league that has made playing fantasy easier?

Flores: Well my dad taught me a lot growing up but the best tip I have is to rank all the positions. This will guarantee that come draft day you will have a better understanding of who has the most potential of racking up the points. It is always good to know the players you are drafting.

BS: Is there a specific site that you use?

Flores: I prefer NFL.com but I am partial because I cheer for the NFL.

BS: Did you ever expect that you would be cheering for a team that revolves around fantasy football?

Flores: I am living my dream. I always wanted to be an English teacher but I believe I was put on this team for a reason and I know that after my career with the Broncos ends I can become a teacher but for now I love being involved with this organization.

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