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Label Foundation Joins Messari Hub

LABEL is an unparalleled NFT infrastructure built on top of Ethereum Network and bridged to BNB Chain, powered by LBL utility and governance token with a unified goal to establish a fair profit-sharing ecosystem with the permissionless integration of IP rights. LABEL provides a decentralized P2P incubating platform to invest in world-class entertainment-education content through the DAO voting system to further allow contributors to claim profits through the NFT shareholding mechanism.

Hello Label Community!

We are pleased to announce that Label Foundation’s asset profile is now officially available on Messari Hub. Messari is the leading provider of crypto market intelligence products helping professionals navigate the blockchain and Web 3 industry through crypto prices, market data metrics, on-chain metrics and qualitative information. To put it simply, Messari organizes information in a convenient and insightful manner much like Crunchbase but for crypto assets. From now on all Messari users will be able to easily and instantly access our detailed asset profile and published announcements. The addition of Label Foundation into Messari Hub provides more transparency and reliability to users wanting a trusted information source to look at all of the detailed information about our project.

Label Foundation Messari Asset Profile Link

Transparent Disclosure on Messari Registry

Label Foundation is focused on creating a platform for creatives that decentralizes the power of Record Labels and agencies while giving back the power/profits to the artist. One of the ways we distinguish ourselves from traditional content creation platforms is through a different set of values. For us transparency is key to building a decentralized platform and Messari’s vision of providing a single source of truth and transparency for crypto assets information is one we can stand by and endorse. This is why we have joined Messari Hub.

Working with Messari entails us disclosing basic information regarding our announcements, token details, smart contract audits, communication channels, team members, investors and advisors. This allows a reliable standardized resource for crypto investors much similar to the ones prevalent in traditional capital markets such as Bloomberg or S&P Capital IQ. These kinds of platforms are aimed at facilitating access to analysis and information of a cryptocurrency easily and instantly to give a competitive edge against the market.

Our goal with this integration is ultimately to initiate the steps that will drive the adoption of Label Foundation. On a personal note, Messari is one of the favorite and most commonly used platforms by Label Foundation’s team members for researching crypto. We personally recommend reading “Crypto Theses for 2022” made by none other than the founder and CEO of Messari Ryan Selkis.

About Messari

Messari brings transparency to the crypto economy. Messari strives to help investors, institutions, regulators, and the public to make sense of this revolutionary new asset class. They are building data tools that will drive informed decision-making and investment. Messari believes that crypto will democratize access to information, break down data silos, and ultimately give everyone the tools to build wealth.




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