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Little Gertrude

Chicken Stories part 4

The seventh and last member of our first brood is a Silkie Frizzle. That means she is a cross between a Silkie and a Frizzle. Silkies have soft fluffy feathers. Their ancestry dates back to ancient China. The first mention in Western text is probably by Marco Polo where he wrote about a fluffy chicken. Silkies made it to Europe via the Silk Route, and I imagine that may be how they came to be so named. Frizzles are a breed of chicken where the feathers curl upwards. Naturally, a Silkie Frizzle is a chicken whose feathers are both fluffy and curl upwards. We bought just one of…




One community’s journey towards living in more harmony with nature

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Chong Kee Tan

Chong Kee Tan

Founder, Labishire Homestead Commons

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