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5 Easy Ways to Make Money Without Gamification

Thanks to Gamification, it is quite possible to earn money easily and continuously.

Gamification, which came into our lives as a result of the rapid development of technology, became a very useful and popular system in a short time. Gamification applications, which have become very useful these days, are used in all areas of life. Advertising agencies, banks, the transportation sector, the marketing sector and most importantly the education sector adapted to this technology in a very short time. In this way, institutions and organizations saw how easy and sustainable it is to achieve their business goals using gamification, and this system grew very quickly. It has been understood that it is possible to achieve business goals by using gamification, as well as making money from it, and software developers have made gamification technology a part of their lives in recent years. And thanks to this technology, startups that added wealth to their fortunes emerged.

For those who know how to use gamification technology and are not sure how to do it, we have created a short guide for you. So let’s start.


One of the important startups of recent times is Udemy. Udemy aims to create a sustainable partnership where instructors create amazing content and bring students to the platform, and Udemy is rewarded for increasing sales of instructors. Udemy has hundreds of thousands of online training courses. In addition, thousands of educators easily earn a lot of money thanks to Udemy courses. You can also give training on gamification after opening an instructor account on Udemy. Depending on the number of students who will participate in the video-based courses you will prepare and the popularity of your course, it is possible to earn enough money to sustain your life in a short time.


Amazon has a say in the important markets of the world. As an entrepreneur or a good gamification developer, you can enter these markets and earn money. There are several ways to earn money from Amazon. A series of programs have been prepared for the company, businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses on the internet. You can sell your own application systems on Amazon, add APIs to them and multiply your earnings. You can develop apps for the Amazon Web Appstore, publish your own e-books with Amazon Kindle, sell your own designs with Amazon Merch, and create software for Alexa and AWS. With your gamification skills, you can easily earn money in these areas.


From the outside, Coursera can be seen as a generic e-learning platform. However, it has many different and unique features that we will talk about in the Coursera review. If you become an expert gamification developer in your field, you can earn significant money from the internationally visible courses you will teach on Coursera.


Google Play is one of the platforms that will allow you to monetize your gamification skills. And the simplest way to do that is to sell books. By uploading a good gamification book that you will prepare to Google Play, you can get rid of publishing or printing costs and start making money from your book immediately.


Create your own No-Code platform with Labla, a SAAS model developed by Varulf Yazılım in 2021. Labla is a very popular platform lately and contains numerous CSMs. By using LAbla CSMs, you can create your own platform in a very short time and start monetizing your application. The biggest advantage of Labla is the new, original and unique CSMs created for each client. Labla creates the most suitable CSMi for you from scratch, tailored to your needs and just for you. After the quality and careful testing, your platform will be delivered to you perfectly. This process takes very little time. If you want to get your money right away, Labla is the best option.

Send Labla an e-mail for detailed information. (

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Thanks to your gamification skills, you’ve learned how to start making the easiest money. Take action without waiting.



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