Presenting the BRAIN WAVES Issue of Labocine

Consciousness and unconsciousness, vision and hallucination, memory and forgetting, sleep, wakefulness, and dream.

“Brain Waves” Trailer

As much as we have been able to learn about our brains and their functions, particularly in the last century since the advent of modern neuroscience, what we still don’t know covers a vast and mysterious territory.

For our December issue, we’ll probe these fuzzy edges of knowing and unknowing, as neurons attempt self-understanding, neuroscientists search in dreams, and new technologies that allow us deeper glimpses, and even complex modeling, of once-obscure neurological function. — Curator Nathan Dorr

Issue Cover: ‘Electric Embrace’

Credit: Alex Norton for EyeWire.

This isn’t just a synapse. It’s a metaphor for how connecting people through citizen science projects like EyeWire can ultimately bring us together and help us understand how our brains work.

This synapse between two starburst amacrine cells was discovered by gamers in the online game EyeWire.

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