Multilingual web conferencing on USi

We have a new feature on USi — multilingual web conferencing, with simultaneous translation.

How it works

Click the connect button above to get to conferencing facility.

This service currently only supports two languages. Our aim is to develop it to support more languages. You will need to provide your own translator — this isn’t a translation service. Also, it us currently audio only, though we hope to add video support.

Let’s imagine we’re doing a conference in English and French, with a translator. When someone is speaking English, all the other English speakers should click on “hear original language“. They will be in a chat room with the other English speakers, and will all be able to hear each other.

The French speakers will click on “hear interpretation“. They will only be able to hear the interpretor. The interpretor listens to the English and translates into French.

The interpretor clicks on “provide interpretation“. He or she can hear both the English and French speakers.

When some one is speaking French, all the English speakers should switch to the channel for ”hear interpretation“.

Basically, if you hear some one speaking and you don’t understand, click on “hear interpretation”, and you will hear the translator.

You can also connect by phone by using the dial in number.

We recommend using Chrome when connecting — it works best. We currently just have one conference room available, so please contact us if you want to use it.