Discrediting flimsy ‘evidence’ in latest Liberal ad blitz

Media reports today reveal yet another example of the fear mongering, lies and deceit Australians have come to expect from the Turnbull Liberals.

Shadow higher education, research, innovation and industry minister Senator Kim Carr said a story inThe Guardian showed the Liberals in a desperate attempt to disguise the fact they have no policies to grow jobs.

Instead, they have launched an ad blitz. It claims, without any evidence, 31,000 jobs will be lost in Victoria if Labor wins the election.

“Blatant fear mongering and misleading propaganda.”

“The dodgy Liberal ads are based on a document from the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), however the numbers are so flimsy even the right-wing IPA repudiates them,” Carr said.

The IPA admits:

“It is important to note that the estimates of Victorian jobs forgone or at risk, should major federal opposition polices be introduced, are highly conjectural by their nature and cannot be interpreted as definitive.”

“Importantly, most of the policies scrutinised here have not been subjected to simulation modelling or similar empirical analysis…In addition, it should be recognised that the federal opposition have proposed several policies during the 2016 election campaign which will increase employment.”

IPA, Employment Implications of Policy Alternatives, 14 June 2016

“The Liberals’ latest ad campaign is blatant fear mongering and misleading propaganda,” the shadow minister said. “The Liberals have a history of dodgy modelling.

“In 2010, Australian Financial Review political editor, Laura Tingle, said there were two explanations for the Coalition’s $11b black hole in their election commitments:

‘One is that they are liars, the other is that they are clunkheads…Actually, there is a third explanation: they are liars and clunkheads. But whatever the combination, they are not fit to govern.”

Laura Tingle, Australian Financial Review, 3 September 2010

“The Abbott-Turnbull Liberals have a terrible record.”

“This week’s ad blitz is just the latest in a stream of errors.

“The Liberals will do anything to hide the fact they have mismanaged the economy and have no plan forjobs.

“The Abbott-Turnbull Liberals have a terrible record.

“They goaded the car industry into leaving Australia, which independent modelling from the University of Adelaide suggests could lead to the loss of almost 100,000 jobs in Victoria alone.

“Labor’s 100 Positive Policies lay out a strong plan to build Australia’s advanced industrial base and grow the high skilled, high wage jobs of the future,” Carr added.

This article originally appeared in the Labor Herald.

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