I Wore the Same Thing Every Day for a Month

I wore the same thing to work everyday for a month and guess what? No one noticed.

I’ll be clear here: I did not wear the same pair of pants and same shirt everyday. I had multiple copies of this outfit, but I did wear a copy of the exact same outfit to work everyday. I’m not THAT dirty.

The first question I asked myself was: is it that no one noticed or is it just that no one said anything?

(Side story: I once had a coworker who had a nervous tick of tweaking his nipples. If we were in an intense meeting or a customer was upset his first reaction was to tweak his nipples through his shirt. The first time I saw this I looked around the room at all my coworkers thinking: IS EVERYONE ELSE SEEING THIS? The answer was yes, but no one wanted to say anything. Nice guy, strange tick.)

Anyways, I quashed this theory by telling a few people around the office that I had worn the same thing everyday for two weeks. They all admitted that they did not notice. The reaction was generally “Wait, really?”. They almost always followed up by asking me if I washed the outfit. Seriously? I’m a professional woman! I come to work in clean clothes. (My sister fact checked me here. I come to work in clothes that pass for clean.)

Here is what I came up with when my first theory didn’t work out: I am so smart that people don’t notice my clothes. People only notice the brilliant things that come out of my mouth.
This theory was also debunked today. In the break room a coworker asked me what my favorite quote is, another coworker chimed in quickly: “Krista’s? It’s: ‘Fuck, Sorry.’ ”

Straight genius.

All of the time I spent thinking about what other people didn’t notice, I was missing all of the benefits I was getting:

1) I got to sleep more because I didn’t have to think for 10 minutes about what I was wearing that day.

2) I had less laundry. NO! Not because I was wearing dirty clothes. Geeze! Its because all my clothes were black or grey so I only had to do a load of darks a week. Bam.

3) I wasn’t waking my husband up in the morning to ask if my outfit was too [fill in the blank]. Yes, I have to wake my husband up in the morning because he sleeps until 10AM. More on that later.

4) I was comfortable at work everyday.

5) I saved a lot of money not buying shit to wear to work every week.

I’m going to pause for a second here and say that I did not start doing this as a social experiment on my coworkers. I really just wanted to see if it would simplify my life. I am just so vain that it turned into a social experiment.

Short story short, I think I want to adopt this way of living. It is nice to be comfortable clean on a regular basis.

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