The Minimalists Game: January 10.

Day 10 of The Minimalists Game: 10 DVD box sets. 9 seasons of Friends and the FULL, pink velvet in an acrylic case Sex and the City box set.

This boils down to two things: Friends is on Netflix if I really want to re-watch all 10 seasons (which I do from time-to-time). And, I have HBOgo. So, that covers both.

I’m by no means a luddite (I work in digital marketing, it would be an oxymoron for me to be a luddite). However, for some reason it’s been really hard to wrap my head around the idea of buying digital mediums for art. Books I have kind of, sort of wrapped my head around. Movies and TV shows? Let’s call that foreign (to me).

But when my partner said to me, “Why don’t you just buy The Mind of a Chef [a show on PBS I really love]?” something clicked. Why don’t I just buy it? It’s digital, it takes up zero space, I watch it all the time. Why hold on to something just in case (especially when it already exists digitally as part of a monthly subscription I pay for)?

So, these immaculate (yes, they truly are) box sets will make their way to Twist & Shout in Denver and hopefully they’ll buy them. Otherwise, some lucky soul at Goodwill will get the deal of a lifetime on them. And, if you need me, I’ll be watching all the seasons of The Mind of a Chef (and A Chef’s Life) because apparently my TV queue is trying to tell me I was a chef in a previous life.

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