The Un-fun Joys of Moving

I’ve had the pleasure of living in the same apartment in Denver for six years.

It’s during those six years where I got divorced, bought more things, and where minimalism and I became close friends. Life post-divorce has you reeling through the emotions–of holding on to things that hold memories. Of acquiring things because “retail therapy.” Of storing things because “just in case.” During the emotional roller coaster of my late-twenties, I sought out the “benefits” of retail therapy regularly. Amassing a ridiculously sized wardrobe–enough to clothe a small army of 20-somethings. I bought stuff for the instant gratification that buying stuff brings you. Because, the dopamine rush!

And, as each year passed, a friend would move into a new apartment, and I would utter to myself, “Man, I’m so glad I don’t have to move. I can’t imagine moving all my stuff!” Because, you guys. ALL. THE. STUFF.

Oh, the irony.

Though I do love my apartment, it was only a matter of time before my landlord broke the news. “Brit, we’re selling the condo.” I mean, of course they are. Real estate is booming here, and well, they have other plans. But, imagine the heartache I must have felt when the news broke.

Except, there was no heartache to be had. Yes, I’ll miss this little place I called home for six years; the only home I’ve ever known in Denver. BUT, I had a realization this weekend as I toured my umpteenth apartment: Moving into a new space will be so easy.

Since significantly paring down my closet two years ago thanks to Marie Kondo and playing a round of the Minimalism Game in January, I’m easily down 3,500 items (probably more as I purge things weekly). That includes things big and small, like the three pieces of furniture that I purged this weekend.

That leaves me with seven pieces of furniture:

  • Bed / Mattress
  • Dresser
  • Nightstand
  • Bookshelf
  • Cedar chest
  • TV stand
  • Couch

Whatever movers I hire will likely appreciate the scarcity of items, and the fact that it’ll take them an entire hour to move. Everything else will easily fit into 3–4 boxes. That is, unless, I choose to minimize more things. Which is always possible…

So, despite the fact that moving is never fun (regardless of the impending excitement of living in a new place) this move might actually be fun.

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